Letter To The Editor: As We Sent A Mailing To Tens Of Thousands Of Users And Has The Benefit Of It

The story of Ramil Shaikhutdinov, head of accounting “Circuit.Elba”. We have created the service of preparation of documents for registration of IP. The interface has been updated recently.

Made it more convenient and easier. And the call to register in the “Elbe” was placed in a separate letter that comes automatically. The letter was written and laid out. To check how it looks on different devices and email clients send a test.

And then the fun began. Usually developers dont do mailings. But this time we created our first automatic newsletter, so she took the developer. He didnt know how the service.

A list of recipient addresses is empty — so he decided that the “Send” button sends the email to the team. He then saw the counter start sending emails. We automated the process of sending letters throughout the base and left no hints in the interface to it.

The “Send” button visible and the “Send email command” located in unusual place — in the top right of the screen. As an experienced developer, Glory has a good reaction, so before sending the first letter clicked on “Cancel”. But the letters continued to go.

The service is a little bug that didnt allow to cancel the shipment. The letter went to the entire user base. Many of them are owners of organizations or registered PI a few years ago, not “just made an important step towards your business”, how we communicate.

Erroneous letter is not a disaster. We have not lost customer data and not brought check government agencies. But it was awkward and forced hundreds of clients to understand what it is. Also was a big risk to go to spam. So I wrote a letter of apology.

Our designers have spent all the magic on the “Elbe”, and on internal services is not enough. With automation, we did not realize that you can click by mistake and in one click, send newsletters to all users. As we said in the letter, the interface of the email had to change.

Mail dropped letters, we wrote in social networks. The letter promised a year of “Elbe”, so many people have asked gift as an apology. Entrepreneurs worried about their safety and wondered.

We answered them on all channels of support, reassuring and reported that an error occurred. But some of the answers surprised us positively. Many sneered:

Or answered positively: Praised our misguided letter: And set the example of a letter of apology:

The developers we especially understand: On the erroneous sending a series of coincidences did not end. We managed to attach the wrong poll.

It was intended for those who have completed the trial period, but not paid for the service. Common questions. What we liked, what is not liked and what was not enough in the “Elbe”.

When we discovered that the list of answers too quickly replenished immediately closed the survey. But 670 people have time to answer. We got full feedback, a lot of answers to closed questions and happy usability specialist. Despite the error, most of the reviews were positive.

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