Letter To The Editor: Startup “Logomachia” Demands To Abandon Negative Reviews Upon Termination Of The Contract

We ordered “Logomasini” logo and corporate identity. “Logomachia” offers three tariffs, with different scope of work. We paid senior rate. Were performed part of the services, the relevant secondary plan (marked with plus). In addition, we have started to do one medium — gift certificate.

The screenshot shows what we were provided in the amount of average tariff. Plus, we started to make one carrier. We expect that we will return the difference in the cost of tariffs.

36 700 rubles. Was very surprised to find that “Logomachia” agreed to return only 19 847 rubles, and only on the condition that we sign a waiver of posting negative comments about the “Lovemachine”. Moreover, they underestimated the amount of a refund by writing performed work “Preparation of the production capacity”.

What is this training and why it is only for the older plan, refuse to answer. Fedor from “Logomasini”, which directs the Department of customer service of the company, in the correspondence mentioned that a return is impossible in principle. It is thus disingenuous. Paragraph 6.2 of the contract sounds like.

In case of failure of “Customer” in the process of work under this Contract, from further continuation of the “Customer” and “Contractor” are obliged to draw up a bilateral act-by-volume until the termination of this Agreement works and to coordinate the amount of compensation to Contractor costs, according to the volume of completed works under this Contract. Disagreements between the parties shall be resolved through negotiations or in court in case of impossibility of settlement of disputes. The contract was prepared by them, so “forget” they couldnt.

In working with “Logomasini” did not like three things. The first — poor quality control. We paid a senior rate plan, which includes monitoring the work from the art Director. That is, the completed work must pass through the designer, art Director and client Manager before you can get to the client.

However, this does not prevent to issue such work. This gift certificate. I noted the red field where you need to write them by hand the name of the certificate recipient. The designer left only 3 mm.

This height does not bother neither the art Director, who checked the work, or client Manager. The second is a paid edit. “Logomachia” the agreement prescribes five free edits. But if you say.

What logo you would like, edit be paid, and we ran. “Logomachia” sent three versions of the logo. The wife chose the one that her more satisfied, and we went on. After insertion, the website became the obvious first problem.

Normal looking to PDF the logo is not readable on the website. Alteration costs 999 rubles. Did signature style. Brand font the designer chose Acumin.

Its pretty rough, sans-serif. It looks good for the main text, but the headers are excessively rude. You can change the text in the signature style, but then he wont fight with the logo. Changing the logo is 999 rubles.

Third — the lack of expert opinions. Referring to the “Lovemachine” we were looking for people who know how to make a good, strong logo. Unfortunately, the guys working on the principle “that the client came up with, well draw”. For the logo we sent signature “Kreowanie wizerunku osobistego” (with capital letters). “Logomachia” warned that the inscription with capital letters are harder to read.

After the completion of work on the logo we pointed out to a few friends. How to write either completely lowercase or completely in uppercase letters. I think that the guys in the “Lovemachine” know this but do not warn. Because alteration costs 999 rubles.

Edition vc.ru asked the Director, “Logomasini” Roman Gorbachev to comment on the situation with refunds Nikitin and the presence in the agreement for refund terms not to publish negative reviews about the company. Gorbachev said that now the company has no possibility of a partial refund, and the condition of negativity is likely to be included in the standard agreement with customers. “Logomachia” returns 100% of money for logo design, if he was not liked by the client.

For other services there is no return. Before we counted their costs and return the difference. But its difficult to do the project, for example, 100 thousand, and halfway to learn that the client changed their mind and now its a project for 20 thousand — it is a different number of designers, other times and other process work. Therefore, in the middle of the big rates money can not return.

If the client for some reason didnt like the logo options, we will return 100% money. To do this in the next two weeks to sign a waiver from the use of the logo — it always has the item that the customer has no claims. [Regarding the situation with Nikitin], or the Manager went to meet the client or the work was not on offer that we have on the site, but under a separate contract, which could be the point about the conversion. Other scripts [in addition to return 100% of the funds] rare.

However, disputes arise, we try to consider them and to improve the model in March will be the fourth version of “Logomasini” with new tariffs and guarantees. First, for English-speaking countries, and then to Russia. On the question of whether the ban on the publication of any negative information at all scenarios of the refund, Gorbachev replied, “I Think so, it is rather to the lawyers question. I think at some point began to include in the standard contract”.

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