Letter To The Editor: “the TV €? The Mass Media In The Country, And It Is Unlikely That The Internet Will Kill Him”

To the editor vc.ru received a letter from the Director of product applications Tviz Denis Martincova, in which he explained why not thinks TV is a hopeless niche and why entrepreneurs should pay attention to the markets about which they know practically nothing. Among young people, whose work is connected with Internet and it, there is a strong opinion that television has long no one is watching. Many proudly declare that they have no TV, and they looked it last time with my grandmother in the village when they were 12 years old. If at the next conference I tell a random interlocutor about what product we make, you see the quizzically raised eyebrow and hear a remark like “And who do you need right now?”.

Last year and a half weve been developing a mobile app, which is a conventional television program. The same as in the paper, only in digital form on a mobile device. It would seem that the idea is controversial and futile.

What person with a modern smartphone will come up with the idea to install the application program. Its an archaism from the last century. But facts are stubborn things, and they say that the TV program on the smartphone is not so useless thing. Namely starting from the facts gathered by all available methods, we decided to undertake this project.

Debunking popular misconceptions, we step by step opened new perspectives in the aging at first glance niche. “Nothing will happen. No cinema, no theatre, no books, no Newspapers – one big TV”. Also, it is not true for the hero of the famous Soviet film, has not come true and many predictions of Internet visionaries.

One pushed the other, but complemented and even pushed for more intense development and new forms of. Of course, the impact of the Internet is enormous, the rate of penetration of the space (it was before), but as such substitution did not happen. The Internet just changed the way to deliver television to the viewer.

Why watch broadcast TV when it is possible to select a series or a movie on any of the many VOD services. Fair and relevant question for many. But not for most. Most of the audience self-selection process of content to view brings physical torment.

People dont know that it is better to watch, when to watch and where to find it. They want the choice made for them, and they had only to press the button and keep your eyes open. The strength of terrestrial TV is largely determined by it, and even the ubiquitous availability of content and information online is not able to quickly change entrenched forms of consumption. And with them, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

A real audience in a one to one reflects the socio-demographic structure of the population. Television watching the vast majority of both adults and young people, and teenagers (Millennials). It reserves the place of the mass media in the country and the situation is unlikely to change soon. The background view is truly one of the existing forms of consumption.

But not the only and not the most popular. Many viewers prefer to plan television viewing in which they choose what and when to watch. It seems that this statement is at odds with fallacy # 2, which says that people dont want to pick and choose. But this is the magic of television.

People take what they are given, at a time when it is given, satisfying the need of participation in the selection. That is, they choose, but without putting in much effort. And it suits them. The circulation of the five most popular specialist publications-TV guides, the content of which is 70% of television programs, more than 6 million copies in a week.

Thats not counting other narrative and regional weekly Newspapers, almost each TV program remains a mandatory element. Service popular television programs and the Internet. In January of this year, the number of queries for the phrase “TV program” in search of “Yandex” has reached a record high and exceeded 7 million per month.

The facts are collected, and they say that a huge number of people consume television, making it meaningful and want to have a planning tool preview. Applying this pattern to the growing penetration of smart mobile devices, it turns out a simple diagram of the product, closing the old need a new form. Over the past year and a half of the monthly active audience of our apps on two mobile platforms increased 6 times and reached a quarter of a million people. Without advertising and any significant investments in attracting traffic.

Growth built on rising demand for TV service for smartphones and tablets. The user reviews in the App Store and Google Play, and a letter of support only confirms the facts. Quite popular opinion, in which users thank us for the fact that they no longer need to buy Newspapers and magazines with TV program. Some people are beginning to fully use their mobile devices before mastering the basic skills of navigation on the web.

We communicate with users by email, and sometimes call up on the phone to help solve problems or to ask what they think about new features. We continue to explore all available information which somehow relates to our product, to collect and consider every opinion. This does not mean that we rush to develop everything we are asked, but it means that when we create something new, we create it for our users. For people who carefully watch TV.

This experience helped us to firmly understand that it is pointless and even harmful to measure the potential of ideas, starting from his personal view about the markets. Professional deformation and environment give a very strong background, which makes it difficult to see the possibilities that lie beyond review. We never undertook to engage in mobile program guide, if not carefully studied the subject area. Lets be honest, fans of the television in the team was not there, but this does not prevent us to make a product. Email us at [email protected] if you have an interesting story or a view on a market topic.

Dont be shy — we love readers letters.

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