Letter To The Editor: Types Of Clients We Encountered During The Work With Medical Companies

The founder of the social network for physicians “Doctor” and the author of the Telegram-channel “Digital medicine” Stanislav Sazhin sent a letter to the editor about the types of clients encountered during the work in the medical field. It happens. To the company come from the top 10, and theres the product Manager who doesnt believe in digital.

In the hands holding a new smartphone on the table in front of him a new laptop, and in the eyes of analysts columns from Excel. And your breath I hear about the contact in the newspaper for 30 rubles. Then he will share with friend will be even cheaper. What friend.

Are you talking about. Such people believe in placing in the newspaper, as it is simple and streamlined, there is no need to invent anything. While you have a team there are dinosaurs, youre not going anywhere.

Multi channel marketing — heres what you need to chew for these people, and disperse their laziness. Just signet dies, and everyone who put only her, also begin to fall along with it. That you would understand what a long and glorious way was a product Manager in a pharmaceutical company, imagine six years in med school (and sometimes farmbot, but its not fun).

You barely raise their heads from the lectures, textbooks, manuals and corpses in anatomy, then a couple of years in residency, a few years at a thankless job as a doctor, and then you go to the farm. You are about 30 years, and you start a career from scratch. Passed a way from the medprep or Junior-product to position the product or brand Manager, and decided in his piggy Bank given way to knowledge — trained on digital marketing. Since youre a former doctor, add a little arrogance and thinking that you know all the best and there are some ignoramuses. And they say not then, and do not.

To deal with this only through the steps of going through each item of service and examining with them. If he has a head on his shoulders, then may be the faithful client who understands what to buy, and will spread news about you on to other departments. The type of client who is willing to do myself.

But do not forget that really the sense of beauty at all different. They can ask to make the project incredible rendering or something unattainable. Or come up with an incredible way of implementing the campaign, that you never could imagine. To work with such a client is like a roller coaster, you never know where wrap.

What to do with this client. Grooming, cherish and like a child in time limit that can not do, only if the client did not pay more. But these are usually kept within budget.

If you represent the site, it is in this role are most often agencies that beg, manipulate, asking for discounts. Usually at a very ridiculous amount. Or my favorite story is when they act as a paper layer and manage to pull the money that they were paid by a client six months ago, into something else, and you send them one by one letter with a claim.

You need to be as transparent as possible. Not paid — write directly to clarify what happened. Remember. You are unique, and many agencies.

However, for example, you can let go of the tender or smudge your budget on other sites, but when youre number one, it is rather a question for the expertise of the Agency and not to you. The Council. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

If you do an innovative product, there will always be those who will buy your services just because.. here you can enter any reason, maybe even not very objective, youll find out then. The idea is that you buy something that you have bought, but the banks have not agreed about everything. You all had and happy what client is nice and the head is attached, and then on the report it turns out that they do not want and everything is not so.

Its like the cat in the bag — not always clear what your client will be, so it is better to write 100 times and 200 times what works and what KPIs will. You know, tell an anecdote about the three envelopes. “Comes a new area Manager in pharmaceutical company, and the resigning Manager gives him three envelopes. And says.

“Open as needed”. In General, the first quarter comes to an end, sales dont go. Our hero opens the envelope, and it says. “Blame me”. Then the second quarter is, again, its bad.

Opens the second envelope. “Blame it on medpedia”. Well, the third quarter coming to an end, and opened the third envelope, which says “fuck off””. The moral of the story is that the pharmaceutical companies are a normal situation changing any part of the company.

The people with whom you have something agreed, started the project and so on, disappear, and nobody cares about your plans and projects. Be cool if you will get paid, as no end, no edge, no one knows. You will be long and hard to ignore, require a lot of additional documents and many other things if you suddenly got into such a recess.

Can come people who are against your project or service, and can come more loyal than the last. In any case, the work begins again with zero, so that the presentation and justification that you were making six months ago, now you are very useful. So do not delete anything. Email us at [email protected] if you have an interesting story or a view on a market topic.

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