Life In Sydney: Expensive Housing, Private Pension And Illegal Cats

The publication of “Tinkoff-magazine” published the story of the former translator Maria Kondratenko, who is married to Aussie and went to live in Sydney. The author talked about housing prices, rare large concerts, expensive kindergartens, illegal cats and paid medicine. Edition publishes material with the permission of the journal and of the author. I married a man from Australia for Dating site.

The friend he met there with the Swede and drove me to try it too. So I met a whale. We corresponded twice met in person, then he proposed to me and invited me to join him in Australia. To move, I needed a special visa of the bride.

It is given for nine months — during this time, you need to register the marriage. The application for visa I enclose proof of relationship. We took it to the Embassy tickets from our journey together, and put romantic photos. Friends and relatives wrote a letter, which confirmed.

Yes, though there are also look happy. The Embassy did not object, I Packed my suitcase and moved. In Australia we got married officially, and I was given a partner visa for two years. After I changed it to a permanent residence permit.

If you live in Australia for four years and last year nowhere to go, you can apply for citizenship. Before that, pass a simple test on the history and state symbols. The Couple Witamy. Keith and I have been married for five years, we have two children.

Our children are citizens of Australia, but Im still living with a residence permit. Australians are spoilt with good housing and would prefer a private house with a plot or townhouses. In Adelaide we had our own house that we took out a mortgage. When we moved to Sydney we started to pass it — the cost of renting almost makes up for the mortgage payments.

Sydney real estate is very expensive. Old house on a small plot of land an hour away from the city center sell for $770 thousand. Prices are steadily growing at 15% per year, because buying real estate wealthy gentlemen from China. Young families with below average income to buy or rent property in Sydney and every day two hours going to work.

The property is then evaluated in a week. Were renting a house with two bedrooms for $700 per week. Rent takes half of the family budget. In roubles it turns out about 130 thousand per month.

It is a small one-storey house with an area of about 80 square feet, no garage, appliances and furniture. We shoot in a radius of 7-8 kilometers from the city centre. For the same money in 30 kilometers from the city center, you can rent a big house with a back yard and multiple bathrooms. Housing are looking at special sites, for example in Realestate.

To remove, you need to enter the applications owner together with a realtor will choose whoever they like best. Even asked to bring recommendations from past landlords. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two car garage, $1225 per week. Deposit — $4900.

To rent a house, you need to leave a Deposit. Usually the Deposit is the rent for four weeks. It is held in a special account. If the eviction in the house found damaged, the cost of repairs will be deducted from this money.

Every quarter comes the representative real estate Agency, thoroughly inspect the house and taking pictures of the situation. Then it all is going into a report and sent to the property owners. We get reports about our house sit in Adelaide. The rent is usually paid two weeks in advance.

Fee removed from the account automatically. If the money in the account not will, then the estate agent will debit the payment from the Deposit and accrued interest. To rent a house with Pets harder. If the contract prescribes a ban on cat or dog, change of conditions will not work.

Many despair and give birth to an animal illegal. It is dangerous. If the tenant finds out, theyll terminate the contract and evict. Therefore, the animals hide at the time of the inspection from the real estate Agency. Put in a cupboard and pray that I dont meow.

Illegal ivory comes in popular Australian TV series “we are” (This Is Us). One of the heroes of the series — grandpa weirdo. He regularly went somewhere. Said visits the cat, who was not allowed to take into a new apartment when you move.

In fact, my grandfather no the cat was not, and was a lover in a drug rehabilitation center. The percentage of mortgages in Australia are floating, depends on the rate of the Reserve Bank of Australia and market conditions. For several years the percentage has decreased, but in 2016 have grown again. Now we are paying to 4.45% per year.

To take the credit for housing, usually go to a mortgage broker. Specialist studies offers banks and selects the most advantageous for the customer. The broker receives a fee from the Bank to pay him no need.

To get a mortgage, you need to make a down payment of 10%. The larger the down payment, the better terms. With a small down payment will be forced to buy insurance and would require her regularly to pay. In Australia the terms of the loan depend on the financial capacity of the payer.

The Bank looks at the salary, number of family members, other loans. If the Bank think that the customer will not be able to pay the loan will not give. We recently refused to increase the overdraft account. Bills utility bills come once a quarter.

Usually we pay $300-400 per quarter. Winter in Australia is in the Russian summer. June, July and August. Here is the cold months, the temperature at night drops to 8-10 degrees Celsius.

Central heating in Australia no, someone is heated with air conditioning, someone uses a gas column. In the end, over the summer for communal can pay $600 and more. If you pay so much at once hard, you can call the local authorities and ask for installments. If something breaks, call the expert real estate Agency.

He inspects the damage and decides how urgent is it. If not particularly urgently, the decision to repair can take a long time. In our bedroom on the walls there was mold due to leaks on the roof. A whole year had discussed the repair with realtors.

To fix itself nothing is impossible, one should always coordinate the repair with the owner. Exceptions — urgent problem like a broken pipe. The contract describes in detail what you can and cannot do in the house. Moving furniture — you can drive a nail into the wall — not.

Kindergartens — a problem. All the gardens are private and very expensive, they cost from $100. We cant afford it, so I stay home with the kids. In some families the children are sent to kindergarten for only one or two days a week, to converse with peers.

But school is free. However, their quality differs greatly from area to area. Every year students 3, 5, 7 and 9 classes pass test exam — Naplan. On the basis of its results determine the academic rating of the school. Students are linked to schools on a geographic basis.

You can always try to apply to schools from other areas, but the chances of getting a place there small. Therefore, many seek housing in areas with good schools. Pay higher education everywhere. Students either pay for the course, or buy individual items.

On average, training costs five or six thousand dollars a year. Many take education loan. For most students the maximum amount of such loan was approximately $77 thousand (for medical students and veterinarians limit more). The loan no interest rate however, the amount of debt is indexed on 1 June each year to reflect inflation.

Thus, student debt is growing. To pay the student loan begins when his annual income exceeds $54 thousand. If he earns less mandatory contributions not held. Medicine in Australia paid.

The patient spends at the doctors out of pocket, then the government returns part of the insurance money. If something hurts, you need to go to the General practitioner. It takes both adults and children. With the common cold, the doctor will send her home with a serious case will issue a referral to a specialist.

Here no Lisp with patients. High temperature. Cough. Diarrhea. Go home, drink some water and lie down, and it was all gone.

You can come to a specialist independently, without direction. But this technique will cost anywhere from $300, can not compensate. Himself was diagnosed with cancer. You can check, but for the money.

If the patients life is not in danger, then the treatment will be cheap, but for a long. Our friend was suffering from pain in the joint. Replace the joint with an artificial quick, but for the money. A friend chose to wait and got in line.

The operation was conducted in a year, but its free. As in Russia, in Australia, the government begins to save on medicine. Recently, General practitioners have refused to raise the salary until 2020. In the end, they started to accept patients for a fee.

With government services in Australia, I almost do not touch. The only organization with which to communicate, is Centrelink, the local social welfare centre. Centrelink is disgusting. To solve the issue of child benefits by phone can take an hour or more.

In the office, and specialists accept you, except you. Refugees, the elderly and other beneficiaries. The social welfare centre pays me child allowance — about $120 per month. But even this smaller amount of the trouble.

Before the beginning of the financial year I have to inform you about what will be our family income. Based on this valuation and the calculated amount of the allowance. At the end of the year, the amount of payments is bound to be adjusted after submission of tax Declaration. If you underpaid, you need not worry — extra.

But last year we had the opposite situation. The husband earned more than I thought. As a result, I owed the state $300. Interestingly, the benefit will pay only if children received all vaccinations.

In Sydney for payments use online banks, applications I have not seen. Banking issues like credit chooses to be in office, often by telephone or via Internet banking. Account statement comes with a paper letter or e-mail. Recently I had an expired debit card, the Bank sent a new. In the same letter the map itself, in other — PIN.

My husband and I almost never use cash everywhere pay card. In many places in Sydney introduced contactless payment technology. To pay utility bills, use two rooms “Bi-Peilz”. One room is reserved for utilities, the second — my personal account.

I enter them in the Internet Bank and indicate the amount and press “Pay”. Often, payments for utilities and insurance are tied to your account and billed automatically. When the family a child is born, many parents are having a special savings account transfer money. On holidays or regularly.

So by adulthood accumulate a small capital that young people spend on teaching at the University or used as a down payment for a mortgage. If you put $50 of salary, then to adulthood typed $20-25 thousand. This will be enough for the first mortgage payment in a provincial town. All companies are required to pay 9% of salary into the private pension Fund, its called superannuation.

The employee may also optionally contribute money to the Fund from the salary. Then the income from these funds is paid to the state pension. Our relatives-retirees with superannuation live much better the rest of the pensioners. They a couple of times a year I go abroad, and recently bought a caravan to travel around Australia. After the death of the funds to private pension Fund transferred to the heirs.

An Australian family is the “Golden rule” budget. 30% spent on mortgage payments, 30% is sent to savings, 30% — to the payment of current bills, groceries and shopping, and the remaining 10% for fun. The salary here in Sweden once a year.

Average salary in Sydney is around $70-90 thousand a year. Wages my husband $100 thousand a year. From this money he pays the taxes, and will have about $70 thousand. Its a little family of four, we have enough butt. Australias low unemployment rate is about 5.6%, and it decreases.

Easy to find a job, especially if youre an Aussie and graduated from the University. Migrants work harder. The employer usually asks the Australian diploma and requires experience in Australia. A twist.

Settle trainees, need volunteers or retrain. More difficult to find work for young mothers after maternity leave. They need a flexible schedule, but the employer is not usually accepts. Sydneys excellent public transport.

I often travel with a pram and no troubles. For transportation paid transportation card. Included — put, out — put again. Money is debited for each trip, but not more than $15 a day. More than $15 a day or $60 per week — ski for free.

On Sundays for transportation is paying $2.5 per whole day. Parking places must be paid. In the centre are very expensive — sometimes up to $120 per day (from 10:00 to 18:00), in a residential area like ours — cheaper, about $8 per hour. Not to pay, tenants register themselves with free residency permits in their areas.

Without permission, it is possible to stand two hours, then fine. In Sydney, the special tariff “the lark”. If you Park in the morning from 7 to 10 a.m., and to leave evening before 19 hours of the day will pay $30 instead of $64.

Parking in our area. In Sydney there is a cab with the meter running Uber. Within half an hour we pay about $30. Car in Australia can afford families with any budget. A used car can be rented from the owner for $2-3 thousand, and the loan.

The quality of the Internet Sydney and Australia as a whole in the last century. Everywhere slow ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, asymmetric digital subscriber line — approx. Ed.), fiber optic connection little.

Mobile operators often sell phones on contract. Sign a contract, pay $50-60 a month for a year or two, get the phone for free. I have a regular data plan, no contract. Two gigabytes of mobile Internet, $450 on all the talk and SMS for $29 per month. Catches everywhere well.

In Russia, every decent cafe has free Wi-Fi. Sydney cafe has no wifi, except in McDonalds, or the password from him, no one will. Recently on the walking street in our area has opened a free Wi-Fi access point.

Australia is a faraway country, then perhaps the New Zealand. Fly out to Russia or Europe is long and expensive. Australians usually travel to Asia. In Thailand, Singapore or Shanghai. Retirees often buy tours on cruise ships around the continent or ride on the tourist train from one end of the country to another.

Conventional train there is boring and uncomfortable, with a simple sessile wagons. Between cities travel by plane, the ticket low cost airline you can buy for $50-60, its cheaper than the average bill in cafe. More Australians are travelling in a car.

Our relatives come to visit us in Sydney from Adelaide on a trailer, and in the cold winter months leaving it to warm in the North. This is the opposite. Winter in the summer, cold in the South. Food and things in Australia are expensive.

No wonder Sydney for several years is among the ten most expensive cities in the world. So we try to stick to a strict budget. Our family of four on groceries spent about $500 a month. The average bill in cafe — about $70.

A main course costs $20, salad or appetizer — $7. To see prices in rubles, multiply by 44. IPhone 7 Plus in Australia on Apples official website is worth $1270 or 58 thousand rubles. In Russia the same will cost 63 thousand.

In Australia, there is the ever-popular Western services. EBay, Amazon, Netflix. The Australians have a problem. To them infrequently call Western celebrity.

And if they come, the tickets for the concerts sold out instantly. In March in Australia arrives, Adele. Tickets are already long gone, despite the fact that the singer has arranged for more concerts. You can only buy from the hands of dealers, at $300.

And then sit somewhere in the gallery. Australia comfortable warm country, especially if you do not below average. There are a lot of visitors. Indians, Chinese, Russian.

We live in the Italian district. Everywhere serves excellent pizza and walk gracefully dressed old men. Although from Australia to Russia is a Russian-speaking community. Russian go to their stores, drive children to their schools and kindergartens, are friends in Facebook.

And one pair makes a great cheese right at home. But Im fine without cheese, and without snow. Related articles.

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