“Lighten Up On Yourself”: The Chupa Chups Lollipops Has Won Worldwide Popularity Thanks To Its Shape

Spanish businessman Enric Bernat began the manufacture of candies in 1954, the company, Granja Asturias. The main product then was Apple jam. In 1958, the company passed into the possession of Bernat, and he renamed it the Chups. The main product manufacturer was a Lollipop.

In the story about the history of Chupa Chups, representatives of the company explained that in the 1950s, the candy was multi-colored and different shapes. Children often pulled them out of his mouth, to look at the trick-or talk to friends. Bernat added a stick to the regular candy that children do not get dirty hands. First Bernat wanted to call the new product Gol because Lollipop was a trip to the ball, and mouth — gate.

But the company decided that such a memorable enough name, so was attracted by the advertising Agency to develop the new name. There offered to call a Lollipop Chups — in consonance with the Spanish word “to suck” (chupar). In 1961, the company acquired full title — Chupa Chups. Before 1970, only 10% of Chupa Chups lollipops were sold outside of Spain.

After that, the company increased its imports, and by 1980, 90% of the sweets company outside the country. Since 1970, begins the story of global marketing Chupa Chups. Before entering the international market, the company approved logo — the outline of the flower, inside which is written the name of the Lollipop. Brand image for Chupa Chups has developed the surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

It formed the basis of modern product logo, which has not changed since 1988. According to the company, innovations in packing and the method of distribution of candy was aimed solely at children. For example, products in the shops Chupa Chups has posted behind the counter, and in front of him. On the one hand, this contributed to a spontaneous purchase, and the product became closer to the children.

Marketing William prides in the book “Marketing. Strategies and concepts” identifies two reasons for the worldwide popularity of Chupa Chups. First, he said, the product gained popularity due to the variety of flavors and colors that satisfy almost any request. And secondly, the company with the respect and attention to the cultural specifics of the countries in which distributed lollipops.

For example, in Muslim countries it is believed that if a girl or a woman sucking on something in a public place, she wants to seduce a man. Therefore, Chupa Chups were problems with the promotion in some countries of the Asian region. The company was distributing candies in more private places — cinemas, cafes and offered to try the product at home.

In 1980, the company opened a Department in USA and started its production there. At the same time the beginning of Chupa Chups anti-Smoking campaign, targeted at adults. The manufacturer has released an advertisement parodying the posters advertising cigarettes 1950-ies. Posters Chupa Chups was the picture of the cowboy, the mouth of which protruded a not a cigarette, and a stick of Lollipop.

A smaller version of the candy — Chupa Chups mini — spread in packs, like packs of cigarettes. They were inscriptions, stylized message about the dangers of Smoking. But instead of frightening phrases buyers have seen encouraging phrase. In the 1990-ies there was a fashion at sucking Chupa Chups — the world of celebrities are often noticed with lollipops.

Among them were Madonna, Uma Thurman, George Clooney, Michael Jackson and some supermodels. Thus Chupa Chups ceased to be exclusively a childrens product. In 1989 the company entered the Russian market, and in 1991 opened his own production in St. Petersburg. First for Russian audience adapted global advertising.

After the Chupa Chups launched a TV commercial with astronauts. In the video, it was shown that they suck lollipops in space. According to them, Chupa Chups replaces them cigarettes that are forbidden during space flight. Also to promote in Russia Chupa Chups used celebrities.

In one of the most popular commercials of the 1990-ies figure skater Evgeni Plushenko sings a song that lollipops help him focus before a performance. The VoiceOver says in the advertisement that Chupa Chups contain nutrients that improve brain activity and helpful for children. This is one of the clichés in advertising childrens products, when in the message if the information, which is appreciated by parents — real buyers of the product.

In 2006, the manufacturer of lollipops absorbed the Italian-Dutch company Perfetti van Melle. Its members bought Chupa Chups from private owners for $512 million. According to representatives of Chupa Chups, as a result of the transaction, the company received new markets around the world. In 2008 Chupa Chups launched the first advertising campaign with the brands mascot.

It was a guy named Chuck, who lived by the principle, reflected in the new slogan Life Less Serious (“lighten up on yourself”). The first motto of the company. “Its round and long lasting” (“And rodó i dura molt, Chupa Chups”) indicated only on the quality of Lollipop. In the commercials, Chuck and friends try to talk to him on serious issues, but he is indifferent to react to negative emotions and sucks Chupa Chups.

The basis of the new advertising campaign went to the insight according to which men are too often under stress. Chupa Chups has offered to stop being nervous and just enjoy the taste of candy. In 2015, in honor of the 25th anniversary in Russia Chupa Chups has launched a website with contests and games, style web design of the nineties.

It was made in the form of “online party”, that is visitors to the page could watch the video clip and discuss it in the chat. According to the creators of the project, this format should remind fans of the brand “MTV and universal fascination with chat rooms”. Now Chupa Chups uses childrens YouTube-bloggers to promote on the Internet. For example, in Russia, the leading channel Miss Ketty Katya spends unpacking products and shows new types of candy.

Videos with Chupa Chups both Russian and foreign bloggers gather millions of views.

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