LinkYou — Dating Service For Those Who Want To Meet People Of A Certain Profession

Greetings to all. My name is Igor Mulk, I am 32 years old. In the online projects I have been working for more than eight years. Today I want to tell you about “another Dating site”, but about something more. Not so long ago, analiziroval Dating sites in the Internet, I tried to answer one simple question — how Dating services help its users to get acquainted for serious relations.

Some sites offer candidates the results of a psychological test on the other and does all acquainted with everyone and all categories of users are mixed in one big pile. Flipping through hundreds or even thousands of user photos, you have no idea who these people are, what they do, than live most of his life. To find “the” person on these sites is extremely difficult. Thus was born the idea of Dating by profession — finding your halves on a professional basis. The man-the surgeon will meet with a woman doctor.

The architect will meet an attractive girl — interior designer. A top Manager will find a charming and successful life partner. We affirm that people of the same profession or loved ones with more chances of success. For the first two months of operation on the LinkYou have registered employees of different companies, and even such as “Yandex”, Mail.Ru Group, “Gazprom Neft”, Dr.

Web, “Moscow 24”, “Match TV”. Our audience is diverse. Business analysts, engineers, dentists, researchers, marketers, CEOs, designers, architects, journalists and representatives of many other professions. Already on the first screen of the user profile can understand how this person is of interest to you. User profile designed to maximize reveal his identity before the first communication with him.

The questionnaire includes several unique “Dating” blocks. Career, education, nationality and religion, examples of your favorite music (based on “Yandex.Music”), favorite books and even information about Pets — he also can become a member of your future family. Separately, a few words about nationality. Search by nationality — this is an optional field, is important for those who are looking for your soul mate including this parameter. We respect every nationality and understand the importance of such information in the questionnaire.

Service LinkYou written in a component framework, Yii Framework 2.0. The architecture of the project is designed with horizontal scaling. In other words, we are ready for growth all indicators of the project. We care about the safety of our customers, so were fairly complex procedure for obtaining an extended security certificate. Extended Validation SSL provides protection of transmitted personal data and the personal information of the users of the service.

We have now developed a web version of the service, which covers all types of devices. Desktop, smartphones and tablets. We understand the importance of applications on mobile platforms, for social services. Almost 50% of our audience comes to us via mobile device. So now we are actively working on the first app for iOS.

A list of possible activities at LinkYou: Two months project work on LinkYou registered more than 3400 active users who sent more than 40 thousand messages, delivered over 45 thousand likes, 842 times added to favorites and 220 times brought in the black list. As can be seen in small numbers, the project demonstrates its viability. Payments for our service are made through “Yandex.Cash”. This is the fastest and reliable solution at the start.

Our team consists of seven people, which includes the development team, UI designer, creative editor, SEO specialist and project Manager. Goal number one — million users for the first year of operation. We also have a global goal to change the attitude to the concept of Dating in our country, where Dating sites are perceived as something dirty and shameful. Last week our project was in key media. The occasion was the “similarity” with the recently blocked in Russia LinkedIn.

Journalists compared the services LinkYou and LinkedIn, calling us “analog”, and concluded that LinkYou no chance to repeat the success of the overseas network of business contacts. Apparently, someone needed a sensation. More than 50 news resources published this news. How it all began, you can see at this link. Wide media coverage triggered an influx of registrations the Russian-speaking audience LinkedIn on our service.

It is noteworthy that registering to “Business contacts”, when filling out the questionnaire did not confuse the issue. “whom do you seek. A man or a woman?”. So we decided to work with this audience.

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