Looking for a job, yoga teacher, Director of sales and Internet marketer

Background. Higher education. I conduct regular yoga classes, in self-psychological practice and yogatherapy.

Major projects. Yoga festivals and art festivals (organization and management of large-scale classes). Regularly teach workshops and occasionally — trips, tours, travel (Altai, Baikal, Republic of Bashkortostan, Montenegro, Cyprus). Wishes.

Im looking for a company where you can organize and develop the project “Yoga in the office”. Have authoring programs that could significantly improve the safety and health of employees. The result. Reduce fatigue, increase stress resistance, immunity, development of communication skills, motivation.

Personal experience office know well (Bank and factory) the system from within, you know, how to improve the quality of life and work of its employees. Specific suggestions. I am ready to come to the office (factory, lab and so on) and regular classes (before work, at lunch or after work). Possible individual psychological support and counseling.

My expectations. Im willing to work permanent or in the form of freelancing. The cost of one visit by one person — from 600 rubles. The minimum number in a group is four people.

The cost of individual work — from two thousand. Contacts. [email protected]

Background. I am 31 years old. 11 years in sales (B2B), the last six in Executive positions (it projects, e.g. Groupon, 2Can, Copiny and others). Link to CV.

While working as the Director of sales built seven successful active sales departments from scratch (recommendations will provide you with all places) and a number of other departments (inbound sales, training Department, Department of city analysts, lead generation and others). Under my leadership were involved in the work. JSC “A101 development”, CJSC “AKADO-Ekaterinburg”, “Vikimart”, WildBerries, “Eleks”, “Hot deals”, “Chaihona №1”, “Yakitoria”, LavkaLavka, “Trucks”, “Sportmaster” dry cleaning “Diana”, Sherotel (Sheremetyevo), service delivery “SDEK”, “Garantpost”, “Orderly”, “Lis-courier” and many other companies.

Also have five years of experience abroad (Austria). I speak English, German, Italian. Active life helps me to solve problems quickly and effectively, and promotes a friendly team-building.

Wishes. See your future path in the company, which clearly set goals and actively perform them; a company where I can apply my knowledge to build sales, B2B, and also in which it will be possible to assume more tasks and responsibility. I always worked only in white companies, so would like to continue to work in the same.

The minimum tax rate is 110 thousand rubles net. Contacts. [email protected]

Background. I am twenty five years old, I live in Moscow, I have a diploma of the artist, trained in the literary Institute, and four years, is given to Internet marketing and project management. Link to portfolio. In the asset.

Dozens of features, services, sites, applications, for promoting or not ashamed. About seven products, without which the world would be better. The desire to tell the details about their past employers only in personal communication. Offer.

Extracting maximum profit from the budgets from zero to hundreds of thousands. The introduction of technology projects in light of a technocratic future. Dignity.

Disadvantages. What Im looking for. Suggestions to the employer.

Be cool. Contacts. +7 (985) 69-56-366, [email protected]

If you have a startup and are looking, send us [email protected] job description. Dont forget the subject line indicate “vacancy” or “summary”.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/startup-agency-one-way-past-founders-can-help-new-ones/

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