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Today in the category of “Startups” mobile app “Look.Learn” which enables students to study various disciplines at the video tutorials from the experts. Pass the microphone. My name is Victoria Kulik, Im 39 years old.

I am one of the founders of this project. Before the creation of the educational services were engaged in strategic consulting and was involved in managing a large holding. My friend from the investment Bank (he became an investor and co-founder of the project) decided to create a platform which allows any expert and teacher to effectively monetize your expertise.

Distance learning is now at the peak of popularity, but this type of knowledge is not always presented to students in a convenient form. If five years ago the site was considered to be the most convenient option of learning online, but now most of the audience has shifted to smartphones and tablets. So there was a need for an explanatory application that will respond to the request of the audience.

The service was supposed to be convenient both for students and for teachers. It was necessary to combine: User-friendly interface, intuitive to any user.

Powerful database for viewing video content and additional files. The most popular features of social networks and messenger. Friendship users, sharing and messaging.

And it turned out the app “Look.Learn”. The service is tied to the eponymous website, launched in mid-2016, which operates a bonus system, and also have the opportunity to buy and give courses. Therefore, it was important to integrate in the application of these functions, not while shifting the focus from his main objective of distance learning. Setting all the priorities, we have begun to develop.

For starters, lets denote the service tezisno: Selection of courses from the catalog description of the courses and their authors. To view a demonstration video for non-registered course users to assess the quality of teaching. A paid video course and registration for free viewing and testing.

Communication with instructors and students on the forum. Bonus program by analogy with the website.

The opportunity to give course to any destination. In the first stage, to log in to the application available to the user the entire catalog of courses in different areas. It, construction and home repair, sports, yoga and dance, design and architecture, music and art, cooking, personality development, foreign languages, etc. Select section, student to buy it the right course and study it in the video format at any time.

Students and teachers of a particular course see the accounts of other users. They can be added as friends, exchange private messages and ask questions in the forum. This is especially useful for those who want to be in contact with the author of master-classes, ask clarifying questions, focus on difficult points of a specific topic.

Here we have implemented is not the main, but very important goal. Reduced the distance and has recreated the familiar modern form of communication. The application has a search system with the ability to sort courses by popularity, newness and categories. In the profile of the course there are sections describing the plan of study, summary of the instructor and feedback from other students.

Brief course description contains information about the level of difficulty, target audience and age limitations for students. At the bottom of the screen before the user opens a number of possible actions. Watch the demonstration video, share news about interesting course in the social network, to postpone, to donate or to purchase the course.

Any user can view part of the video for five minutes without registering for a course. This allows you to familiarize themselves with the content and form of its submission and make a decision. To start training or not.

For the purchase of courses, sharing in social networks, inviting friends to the site and the feedback the student receives bonuses, which you can purchase courses or to make gifts. All information on accrued bonuses comes to him through alerts and is available in the main menu. In application development we tried to use the strengths of both proven and most advanced technologies. In practice, there are cases when it is necessary to extend the capabilities of tools such as Nginx or Memcached, and even correct mistakes in them.

For example, in the design phase of the module responsible for processing of user-uploaded videos that we had to solve several challenging from a technical point of view objectives: Support maximum number of browsers and devices. Rapid provisioning parijataka with the right video settings.

The most rapid return of the stream server. To the average user it may seem that these tasks are very trivial, because for all to see, for example, YouTube, Vimeo and other industry giants. They have enough resources to raise the bar of expected facilities is very high.

However, tying all the parts together involves a huge number of problems and trade-offs between convenience, protection and other features of the service. Today, the application is able to accept input video in almost any format, and fast enough to handle them even in conditions of high load on servers. While it is fairly transparent to users, automatically finding workarounds even in load case “dead” or non-standard files.

We are not resting on our laurels and continue working on. Continually monitor automatically generated reports the output video quality and promptly react to the requests of the instructors about empowerment. The app is available for smartphone users on the Android platform. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup.

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