Looks Like A Test Version Of The Messenger Of Sberbank For The Sale Of Goods And Services

Sberbank is testing an instant messenger that will enable businesses to sell their products and services and also liaise with customers. One of the participants of closed testing showed vc.ru what the app looks like at this stage. “Sberbank” reported on the development of the messenger in may 2016.

Users can chat with their friends and with the shops. To select and order goods and services, get advice and special offers, said in the Bank then. We will create a platform where people can get various services by communicating directly within messenger. I mean, I can talk to a flower shop, who will bring me flowers, or, for example,call the plumber and find tour in Thailand.

In August 2016 began closed testing within a small audience inside the Bank, said vc.ru in “Sberbank”. “We are improving the product and gradually attract new participants”, — said the press service of the Bank.

The timing of the launch of the service representatives of credit organizations to discuss refused, saying that he will inform about this additionally. Back in the spring of 2016, the Bank began to accept applications for participation in testing. For this you need to leave your email on the project website. However, the wording vc.ru still have not received an invitation to participate in the testing.

According to the source vc.ru involved in testing, while it seems that the application is not Mature enough to be beta testing. “There are a lot of flaws, but in the “savings” promise that soon “will fix bugs and everything will be cool””, — he told.

Now the messenger is the possibility to communicate via chat with friends from your contact list or with bots stores and third-party services is also available for group chats. The account is tied to the cell phone of the client. The user can send text messages and images. In application settings you can link a Bank card for payment of services.

“The idea is this, that youre talking in the messenger with friends, and then switch to another chat and already dealing with a bot or a real operator of any company,” suggests the test participant. Now with bots, you can only chat using text commands, answering their proposed answers.

For example, “choose something from the above suggestions or write “back” to view other categories or please write “more” or “more””. Products are presented in the form of cards with buttons to confirm the selection. In the app there is a button money transfer, but the feature is not available in a test version of the service.

Also this app version has cards that they can share with friends, adding to them the additional text.

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