Madrobots founder Sergey Belousov about to launch a new brand of devices and accessories Zavtra

In January 2007 Steve jobs unveiled the first iPhone. Revolutionary phone from Apple immediately captured the market and simultaneously created another — has led to a boom in mobile accessories. There are two simple reasons. First, everything began to go with the same phone, and custom accessories let to feel special.

Secondly, producers are much easier to design products for a specific format of the phone number as the leader, than to customize a line under a million different models. In 2007 appeared a small startup Hardgraft, who began to think of premium accessories for the emerging category of smartphones. Gradually they began to make covers for cameras, laptops and tablets, recently added cases and covers for premium headphones.

Their chip was the use of the felt and tanned leather brown. Over time, the company impersonators. For example, the Russian brand of SaFo, which has now gone international and has become Handwers. In the world there are hundreds, if not thousands of similar companies. In Russia there are units of.

New devices appear every day, and they require new accessories. Their appearance is just as important for the end user, and functionality. However, many prefer the warm, natural materials — primarily skin.

In developed countries, more and more people used plastic cards Visa, MasterCard and other payment systems. On the map it was possible to pay fares in metro, dinner at the restaurant and leave a tip. The need to carry cash patties as thick as a finger fell away, and wallets manufacturers are unable to respond. In 2009, several friends from the design school he founded the company Bellroy.

Read more about their vision of the market of accessories can be found here. They state that their mission is to give you accessories for everyday life that correspond to the spirit of the time. Bellroy started out with one model of the purse, the distinctive feature of which was the slim profile and the ground under the use of only the Essentials (a few cards and cash). Today the product line of this company has 13 different purses and wallets, broken into three groups for daily use, for travel and for extreme conditions.

In 2009 appeared Kickstarter. I personally discovered it in 2012 and has since supported more than 100 projects. It turned into something like in the game. I invested money and watch what happens to the projects.

Some shot and turned into a business. Most never saw the light. At some point I noticed that the field of view constantly come across projects to raise funds for purses. At first it was just funny, and I did not attach special significance, however, has regularly supported the ideas and financed, perhaps, with a dozen purses.

At some point I broke down and decided to collect statistics on the number of campaigns wallets. Turned out amazing picture. Out of the blue emerged a full-fledged business niche. Kickstarter is also not paid attention to the unusual popularity of this category, and published an article about why they have so many purses.

By the way, we have translated the article to Russian, can be found here. Spoiler. Wallets a lot because they are all imperfect and it is relatively easy to produce.

We studied 143 project, which collected more than $10 thousand, and paid special attention to the 27 projects that have collected through crowdfunding more than $100 thousand. All projects share the fact that they offered a new form factor — dramatically thinner, lighter wallet. For the curious, below are three tables on the key differences between Champions on fees.

In addition, there is a new interesting niche — wallet case. Heres what I wrote in November 2013 when he proposed to his friends to try his hand in this project. Thanks to the growth of smartphone sales in the coming years covers-wallets can become a multi-million dollar business. The only question in the creation and distribution of truly functional and comfortable product.

Examples of such products. One, two and three. Since then it has changed quite a lot. For example, for the current 2015 year on Kickstarter and Indiegogo 65 projects purses collected a total of ~$4 million.

We have reduced the table on fees purses in a separate file. Full version is available here. The figures showed that this is indeed a promising niche. I had the idea to create a brand of mobile accessories, and purses to start with.

In the fall of 2013 I shared my idea of a modern brand of leather accessories with Ilya Petrov and Mikhail Geisherik and found their future partners on the project. They were all busy main work, so the project launch was delayed more than a year. However, it is possible to create a really good, Mature product. We periodically met and thought about the design, functionality and technological basis for a future line of accessories.

Crazy ideas eventually died, but the decisions that managed to carry through the months of discussion, was really thought out and balanced. We looked at which models could go on the Russian market, and focused on two products — a compact wallet and a cover-plate. Preparation of a draft Zavtra launch consisted of four stages.

On the portal we found a technical designer, which made more than a dozen prototypes and amounted to TK for the production of. Found and tested the factory in China, which has made us some samples and calculated production. The dollar has made adjustments, and in the summer of 2015 weve found a few studios in Russia, who gave us the combination of price and quality.

Came up with the name and positioning of the new brand. At first it was WRBL (short for Wearable), but in the end everything changed and became Zavtra. Our goal is to create solutions for the world, what will it be tomorrow.

We decided to start fundraising through crowdfunding. As the site chose Boomstarter. Preparation of the advertising campaign included. To test this hypothesis, we decided to collect 100 thousand roubles, received for the first 10 hours after the start.

Our media plan. On 05.10.2015 we managed to attract to the page of the project on Boomstarter more than 10 thousand people, 208 of whom were sponsors of the project.

Statistics of transitions and sponsors traffic sources. Number of visitors (statistics on Boomstarter 05.10.2015). By number of sponsors (statistics on Boomstarter 05.10.2015).

Our realistic media plan entirely justified. Surprisingly well shot mailing to customers Madrobots (we offer gadget, albeit without “iron”), the announcement of the project by friends on Facebook and help in the form of text about the project: Unfortunately, except and to write about the project and the idea of anyone from the Russian media was not interested in (indeed, in Russia every day launch new accessories brand with the help of crowdfunding).

I note the technical limitations of the platform Boomstarter. We focus on the combination of ideas and brands Hardgraft Bellroy.

The principles of the new brand. On the basis of these principles we have developed a sample list of devices that are planned under this brand to create. Wallets.

Covers. Accessories for travel. Backpacks. Bags. A successful campaign on crowdfunding platform is a good sign, but its not enough to rock this business.

After the calculation of the economic model of the project, it became clear — we should be approximately 200-300 sales per month to recoup the cost of salary of project Manager and have headroom for growth and expansion of assortment. Enter this amount to us before the end of crowdfunding campaign (30 October). If you know the owner of the store, where bags and wallets Zavtra will be in place, I would appreciate the contact on mail [email protected]

If you are a company Manager and you have a need for original and inexpensive corporate gifts — contact us, and we have some excellent ideas specially for you.


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