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Today in category “start-UPS” – online catalog Malpa Travel for travelers, which collected information on all the global services of booking flights, hotels, tours and other stages of any trip. Pass the microphone. My name is Arthur, Im 26 years old.

I am the co-founder of the same name Malpa Travel. Malpa Travel is an online catalogue of all global booking services for each stage of the journey. Airfare, holiday accommodation (hotels, apartments, etc.), buses, trains, transfers, cars, insurance and so on.

Even the seasoned traveler is forced to spend hours wandering through the network in search of suitable booking services, compare options and prices and only then make a choice. So we gathered up all the sites on one platform, described them in a structured manner and has created a filtration system, which gives all the global and local search services, and booking, based on the needs. Despite the simplicity of the idea, to us it never was implemented. The project started 1 November 2016.

To expand the geography. The project is now mainly focused on Russian-speaking audience from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Baltic countries. The service will be transferred during the year in two languages (English and Chinese).

To focus the portal on a global scale in the search and analysis of all available global and local services and reservation aggregators. To create a comprehensive online guide to countries and continents. The service will include. Collect and find useful information about the most popular countries for travel, route planning for movement and the list of socially significant objects with coordinates on the map. To access the online assistants who will assist the traveler with choices and assist in any questions when booking.

To develop a mobile app. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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