“Manager” — Designer For Control System Projects

My name is Sergey, Im 34 years old. The project management system “Leader” — this is my first start for Russian-speaking audience. Working on it for the second year. The desire to create such a project appeared after the forced multiple similar systems. It turned out that not every project management system you can customize to the needs of the company.

Often to use one or another system, you have to change yourself workflows. So the idea to make a universal solution. The first version of the project launched in November 2014, received a first positive feedback and inspiration for further work. The project is divided into the free “Standard” part with a set of tools for designing and configuring the application and Addendum, which includes a set of reports and tools for more efficient data management. Working on one project.

Very helpful tips, testing and criticism by the users themselves. Investment — personal savings and earnings from the project. The nearest plans are to modify the planned functionality.

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