Manual: Configuring Apple Search Ads To Promote Apps In The App Store

Tips Vice President of marketing Denis zhadanov Readdle. 29 September 2016, Apple has launched a program Search Ads for developers. The service displays a banner in the App Store search.

He stands in front of main results and ahead of the competition. April 25, 2017 service has started in three new countries — Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Using Search Ads, we raised the growth in “organic” revenue by 15%, and I want to tell more about the tools that helped us.

I do not believe that Search Ads can help a little-known apps to get to top, because of higher budgets and increased LTV is the place usually occupied by the big guys. Look at major advertising networks and revenue data for the most popular apps in the App Store, and you will understand what Im talking about. And independent developers, who often sell applications in a single purchase, almost never pay for advertising costs (ROI).

For example, our app “Scanner Pro” is in the Apple Store for $3.99. After payment of the share of Apple in the amount of 30% leaves us with only $2.7 m, to attract the user who is willing to buy the app for $4. Its not easy. One download costs the developers $25-30, even for a free app.

We explored the possibilities of Search Ads and came up with an algorithm that helps to get the most from the program: If you follow the plan, you are likely to get a positive ROI and improve your results on search in the App Store that will give you more organic traffic. Select the keywords that bring the highest number of downloads.

Think about what you want your target audience that she is looking for. Configure keywords for customer inquiries. From Search Ads has a tool that shows the most popular words in search, so you can choose the most relevant.

To search for key words, we usually start each new campaign with tools Search Match or Borad Match. After a few days we record costs and form. A list of words, CPT (cost per thousand impressions), conversion rate and traffic volume. This will help us to understand what is happening.

If you simultaneously run Search Match and Broad Match, dont forget to add Broad keywords in Exact negatives — words that you do not expect to attract users. It is necessary to Search Match did not copy the keywords that you have already placed. Run the Exact Match campaign.

Once you have found the popular keywords, we recommend you to run a campaign to Exact Match. Constantly adjust the value of CPT to increase ROI. If you have a good performance for the conversion Exact Match can raise your keywords in the rankings.

After we set up the campaign for the keyword “documents”, our app PDF Expert has risen from 26 to 3 locations, and sales increased by 15%. Look at the screenshot above. “PDF Expert” brought forward our application.

I think Apple has built an effective system to search in the App Store. Considered conversions, rankings and relevancy for keywords. So I advise you to focus on the quality of their product and to only choose relevant words for your search. Dont forget to restart the campaign on keywords that are already in the top positions in the search, including the keywords of your brand.

So you will get a low indicator CPT and increase visibility of the app. Always measure organic revenue growth. We measure the growth in organic revenues and separate them from those where we have used Search Ads to see a clear picture of what is happening.

Sometimes ROI on keywords will achieve 200%. If your app is already in top positions in search, it is possible that this reduces the growth of your “organic” revenue. Despite our efforts to maximize the return on investment, we still cant increase it. Perhaps this is due to the low LTV, and so we cant put $10-15 on a keyword.

Search Ads is a new service, and Apple collects feedback in order to finalize it. Send a private cases, in which you managed to improve (or, conversely, worsen) the performance of the project, [email protected] Interesting experiments are sure to get the heading “Cases”.

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