Manual from InTarget: How to improve conversion and get to know each client personally online store

Lead traffic to the online store and not to use it inTarget — how to live without hands. Attention. C inTarget you will be able to call those visitors to your site who have not left their phone number. It costs mere pennies.

Interesting. Read on, all will tell. You cant just create an online store to buy traffic and get the flow of orders. It doesnt work.

In e-commerce on a regular basis need a tool to pushing visitors. Paid for visitor — make sure you have done everything possible to turn it into a buyer. Well, with a possible clear. Whats so impossible to do to finish the conversion.

To put on the website inTarget. What can you do with the traffic forces inTarget. If you put educated sales people on calls to people who have just visited your website, or visitors who come to you already several times, but never bought, or people who got to the basket and fell off, so — if all these visitors the time to call and something to offer (something normal, not zhlobski), it is possible to sell not just a lot, and lots of it.

Yes, someone will wonder where you got their phone. After all, they didnt leave. But many people do not care about these little things, they just now came in handy personalized service with a cool price offer/bonuses, etc.

In General, while your competitors are waiting for clicks on the button “Buy” studying “Vebvizor” and puzzling over A/B tests landing (without inTarget they remain only these options), you can actively sell on the phone. Some would say that it is a violation of personal space. And someone will use these opportunities wisely and will sell, sell, sell.

Here is an example of the statistics inTarget. 100 famous people at yesterday 45 known, and even with phone numbers. Just go to any segment and you are one click contact. We worked in beta less than a month (in the beta we had only a free option, there was no call).

During this time we already have about 300 active e-shops with attendance of over 100 people a day. In this case all we did was published a couple of announcements out of her account in Facebook. Three days later, when we rolled out of beta, has added calls and made sure everyone had a chance to test 20 minutes of talk time for free, we have a third of users used their 20 minutes.

There were those who bought and paid tariffs for these few days, uttered by 80 minutes! It is obvious that e-Commerce inTarget really need, if it embraced with such enthusiasm. And, I think, that is not only because the options are really cool and useful, but because we, as always, good job on the interfaces. Made all the settings basic and much more simple than the same settings in the classic counters.

A few words about the source data (profiles in Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki and phones). They are provided with UpToLike DMP, which already covers hundreds of thousands of sites and know 30% of users in the face. From the point of view of the user inTarget very convenient and easy. Insert the counter code on all pages that collect information about visitors and of their actions, break the audience into segments.

Then you can create the appropriate goals and funnels, and then watch as the representatives of a segment fulfill these goals. It looks like a funnel. Here is the list of segments (to create a new you for a minute, everything is clear and simple).

Here, by the way, it is clear and convenient buttons to upload links to user profiles in Excel file, which then can be poured into a retargeting system “Vkontakte”. This gives you more control than an impersonal standard kontaktowy the mechanism of retargeting. Widgets are easy to create and customize their appearance.

Just snap to the segment. They look like this. InTarget is a tool for targeted advertising and increased conversions, which came from the future to help you destroy the competition. With inTarget you are using bought traffic to 100%.

Almost all the functionality of free. Money should only pay for calls (rates start from 990 rubles per month for 60 minutes). Now all new users inTarget charged a 20 free minutes to try and evaluate this function.

You go, try and share your impressions in the comments. “Heres my data for the week. I have 2 000 visitors, of which 16 something I bought with the desktop. And ten of them I now know in person and, of course, stitched into the database.

Only 2,000 people have recognized 234. In my opinion, a good idea and have something to work with in terms of messages/calls.

And heres my simple simple widget customized to the shows segment “have Been on the website twice, but have not bought” and which this week gave two sales, not costing me anything. Definitely going to use it again, definitely going to try myself personally calls. The Moscow competition is harsh so this tool is very useful!”.


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