Manufacturer Headphone Kanoa Closed The Project After An Unsuccessful Bribery Videoblogger

He refused the money and told the truth about the problems of the device. In 2014 American entrepreneur Sival van Der Lubbe started the company Kanoa. He had the idea to create a wireless Bluetooth headphones.

For this, he attracted investments in the amount of $150 thousand. The entrepreneur has promised to create a waterproof technology device adjustable noise cancellation so that users can independently adjust the volume of surrounding sounds. In his opinion, it would be especially useful while riding bike or Jogging in the city.

Included with the headphones was to go the case, which you can use to recharge the device. According to estimates Lubbe, the charge should have been enough for six hours of work.

In the fall of 2015 Lubbe began to collect pre-orders for the headphones, offering customers to purchase the device at a discount of 50% — $149. He also appointed the launch of retail sales — April 2016. On the idea of the entrepreneur in retail the device was supposed to cost $299. However, the delivery times were disrupted.

Lubbe moved it to may 2017, and then in August. In July 2017, before starting the sales representatives Kanoa decided to attract the attention of the audience to the product and appealed to the popular great Cody Crouch with a proposal to prepare a review on the headphones.

Crouch checked the website Kanoa, have studied the characteristics of the headphones, was interested and agreed. A company representative said nothing. Two weeks later, he again reached out and told Crouch that Kanoa is ready to send the product, but before that you need to discuss some details on the phone.

The blogger agreed. He knew that employees can experience exactly how it will be to test the device, so he outlined his plan to listen to music during class in active sports. They said.

“Yeah, its cool, many of our customers just athletes”. They then asked me to focus on how to easily open the box with the headphones, and how fast can you get them and start using. I agreed. And then they were asked to say in the review of certain phrases, and that was the weird thing — I dont work that way.

The first problems started immediately as a blogger have received and unpacked the box with the device. When headphones are connected via Bluetooth, the smartphone screen displayed four devices with the same name. He chose at random and then tried to sync the headphones with a proprietary app, which you can use to adjust the level of ambient noise.

However, one earphone are synchronized and the other is not. To solve the problem, Crouch took almost two hours. When he turned to Kanoa, he was told that this is a common mistake.

Then blogger decided to test the noise canceling function. According to him, it worked perfectly when he put on the headphones, the surrounding sounds disappeared. But when he began to increase the level of external noise, the headphones began to hear a loud hum.

Crouch again appealed to the representatives of the company, and they assured him that they know about the error and are working on a fix. “You still have a month before the start of sales, why is the main function of your device is still not working?”, — surprised the blogger in the review.

Then Crouch noticed that the headphones are almost dead. Then he put them in the case and connected it to the laptop. Two hours later the battery level is not changed. He decided to learn the user guide.

Under the cover of the document was a blank page and a recommendation to visit the signature website of the company. Blogger again appealed to the representatives Kanoa. He was advised to disconnect the case from the laptop, and then do the headphones were charged.

“Wait, are you saying that if I discharged and headphones and case, I will need to charge the case, before headphones?”, — surprised Crouch. It turned out, the system works exactly. Then the entrepreneur decided to test the device during sports.

He went outside, turned on the music, stood on a skateboard and removed the phone in the back pocket. The sound is interrupted every 10-12 seconds, but when he turned his head to the left — the right earpiece was turned off, and if right — left. Thus before the beginning of the review representatives of the company had asked Crouch to focus on the high quality of the connection of the earphone with the phone.

The situation infuriated the blogger and he again called Kanoa. He was advised to shift the phone in your front pocket. “You sell a device for $300, and it cant even hold the sound from my ass to my ears.

Whats the matter. Why wireless headphones for $20 work anywhere. Yes, the sound quality is worse, but at least they work” — outraged blogger. When he shifted the phone in the front pocket, the sound really needs to stop.

When Crouch talked about his problems with headphones with the companys representatives, they asked the blogger not to mention them in the final version of the review. In addition, they urged him to hurry to publish the review to get to the day nearest the newsletter to subscribers.

Disappointed in Kanoa, Crouch refused to review. After a while he began to write and to ask when will be ready the review. It turned out that the representatives of the company circulated on social networks of the announcement video which he has not yet filmed and no longer planned to remove.

In an alternative embodiment, the blogger offered to prepare a survey on a new pair of headphones when the company will correct defects. But the representative said that this is the best version of the product, which the company. Crouch realized that buyers will get your faulty device.

Then he told the employee Kanoa that will make and publish a revealing video. In response he said that if he would prepare a laudatory review, you will receive $500. Crouch refused.

On August 19 he published a review. It was watched by more than 170 thousand people. Two days later, the representatives Kanoa deleted all social media accounts. In the apology, published on the official website, they announced that problems with the device began in the first year after start of work.

To solve them, the team hired its own specialists and started again to work on the device. They didnt finish in time. In addition, the money began to run short, and after a review of Crouch on the beta version of headphones, customers started demanding refunds for pre-ordered the device, and the investor refused the next investment round.

According to representatives of Kanoa, they are looking for new investors and negotiating with large it companies for the sale of the business. If they return the money to the buyers is unknown.

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