Market Stickers For IMessage: How To Create A Successful Sticker Packs

Apple has summed up year by publishing a list of the best games and apps. Special attention this year, Apple paid a opened in September, the App store for iMessage. For several months the store had tens of thousands of apps and sticker packs, and the best this year was voted sticker packs from Moody Foodies from the Russian team Sticker.Place. Stickers can be found in one form or another in almost every messenger. They can be a good content for brands, form of expression, illustrators and, of course, a source of profit.

In September of this year, Apple is really involved in a race im seriously rethinking iMessage and opening a separate App store for iMessage. For several months the store was filled with tens of thousands of sticker packs from well-known brands, celebrities, game developers, animation companies and illustrators. Interestingly, your stickers placed in iMessage and other instant messengers, for example, Telegram and VK. Stickers — one of the best options for native advertising for brands.

The very idea of stickers laid viral mechanics. Each user sticker pack can send tens or even hundreds of branded stickers. Placing stickers in the App Store, the brand gains access to a billion active users of iOS devices. Good stickers may qualify for support edition App Store and get millions of free impression. Your stickers brands can also post in the other messengers.

For example, VK and Viber has an interesting batch of commercial proposals, but to place stickers on their own in these messengers is not possible. In addition to companies, there are a huge number of authors that can create quality content, most of which are not ready to get involved in the story of the development of applications. Especially for them we have greatly simplified the procedure of publication of the stickers in the App Store, and with the best authors we work closely, helping with understanding market, concept, style, animation, and Analytics.

The market is iMessage stickers until just beginning its growth, but on a single sticker-pack already you can earn tens of thousands of dollars. For comparison, the top 10 sticker packs of the year in Line earn an average of $400 thousand, 90% of sales which is accounted for Japan. Today we have published about 50 apps, most of our packs was in the top 100 in the US. About 10 of them in the top 20.

Sticker packs from Moody Foodies, who became Best of 2016 in the App Store, held the third spot on downloads, ahead of Disney, stickers Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber. In December was completed the transaction on attraction of financing Sticker.Place in which RB Capital will receive a 10% share of the project. The adviser of the transaction was the company RB Partners.

We have collected seven tips on how to make a really successful stickers for iMessage. Successful sticker packs often targetirovanie already gathered a loyal audience, such as Disney or stickers with celebrities. Feel good stickers for the expressed social groups — among the most popular stamps in the United States can be found, for example, Mexican Pak. Seasonal themed packs, Christmas or election of the President, also quickly find its users.

However, a successful sticker packs may not apply to any of these groups. The success of the stickers should be the history, the legend, the user must read and apply to himself. Important tone and integrity, but most importantly, the functionality of the stickers.

Balanced sticker packs should contain a number of popular emotions and attitudes of the user. Also good addition would be the stickers that help to describe what the user is doing at the moment. During the development of each sticker, you must ask yourself the question — at what point you can send the sticker. Stickers can be beautiful, but they can deliberately ugly.

Most importantly, they must be good quality and well designed. We have highlighted some of the major stylistic trends. A good illustration and a good sticker is a huge difference.

The picture can be beautiful but not carry any functionality for the user. The sticker should always convey the emotion or insight — they must be strong and even exaggerated. In the framework of the same concept and style, you can a huge number of solutions, and on a really successful sticker form small nuances.

The process of rendering sticker pack of Views. Conversion downloads of stickers with the same idea, depending on the implementation can differ by hundreds of times. In addition, truly successful become a paki having a viral effect. The user who receives the sticker, should he want to use this sticker and send it to dozens of friends.

Icon and name is all you have to interest the user go to the application page. And the conversion of such transitions can vary by tens of times. Not flickers, move to the icon large object. The icon should already be emotional and easy to read.

In the title try to convey the content of the pack, avoid abstraction. For example, if you invented animated character is a Koala named Jimmy, the name of the pack to effectively do the following. “Jimmy the Koala — Animated Stickers” and not just “Jimmy”.

Description and screenshots will also help to convey the contents of the pack and to please the user. Take out the screenshots of all the contents of the pack, highlight the most vivid and show an example — at what point users are able to send your stickers. Example screenshots of Sticker.Place.

The development and location of the sticker pack is always with you. However, wishing to place the stickers have to go the hard way of registration in the Apple Developer Program, immersion in Xcode, configure certificates, provision profiles and so on. Annual developer license will cost $99. Detailed information is described on Apples official website, and to produce a regular sticker pack in Xcode provides a simplified procedure.

In addition, there are many companies and private developers that can help with the publication of stickers. It all depends on your goals. Sticker packs for iMessage can work as a stand-alone application, and to act as a Supplement to existing applications.

For example, if you have an application for the delivery of flowers, each user who downloaded it, can further to set a romantic stickers. Stickers may also be sent from a third-party keyboard app appeared in the App Store a few years ago. Despite the fact that such keyboards have a number of serious inconvenience to install and use, many of them earn tens of thousands of dollars a day, and in the case of Kimoji — total revenue amounted to several million dollars. Possible and this option when a single app available and keyboard, and sticker packs.

To understand if the sticker packs, enough to perform three main parameters that are displayed in the dashboard developers to iTunes Connect. For the ratio of Impression to Page Views meets quality icons and names. For Page Views App Units — everything else is expressed in the screenshots and the description.

A good paid sticker pack for the first pair has a score below 500, below 100 for the second. For Moody Foodies, who reached third place on downloading in the US — these were the figures of 150 and 15. On these data it is vital to work — experiment with icon, title, description, screenshots. However, it is important to understand that poorly made stickers that did not save.

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