“MegaFon” has launched a draw to eliminate tariffs in a “black box” with a chance to win iPhone 6s

When you open promotrans on the screen saver appears with the inscription. “When life gives black box, wait for a nasty surprise. “Free” can be not for free”. When the user clicks on the button “Add paint”, they are prompted to select one of four social networks and to publish the entry to Prometric and inscription.

“green vs black, the battle for honesty continues.”. Black is one of the corporate colors of the operator Tele2, which uses it including the design of their packaging. The press service of “MegaFon” refused to answer questions vc.ru about what the idea of the project, does it have hints of Tele2 and why the company has decided to encourage the decline the services of a competitor. In Tele2 also declined to comment.

In October 2015, Tele2 has offered to “destroy” the old SIM-card on your website through various ways, such as powerful light, inspired by cats, croesy blender and a hungry goat. SIM cards available for destruction, were executed in four colors. Red, green, yellow and blue. At the beginning of January 2016 the trading network “Phone.ru”, owned by MTS, began to sell contracts of the parent operator in the boxes, the design of which is almost completely copies the style of competitors.

The representative of MegaFon then announced that the company is “surprised” by the actions of a competitor.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/startup-agency-one-way-past-founders-can-help-new-ones/

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