“Men 15-21 Year, Pupils And Students”

WeChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and of course, Telegram, no doubt, were the trends this year in the it field. The developers call Telegram the most convenient platform for experimentation. Besides, it can be run almost anywhere — both on desktop and on a cheap smartphone. Telegram instantly synchronized on all connected devices do not lose information, and allows to transmit data of any volume. Well, almost any limit — 1.5 GB.

It has channels, chatrooms, chat bots for every taste and audience. From the channel “Business books”, which is used by more than 4 thousand people, and where you can find links to books on marketing, design and public relations, to banking apps and games. A year ago I decided to make the first bot for Telegram, I sucked. Since then I have accumulated about 20 projects, from multiple channels-thousanders before the game @villagegamebot that is played by about 300 thousand people, which is the largest bot in the Telegram rated @storebot.

Telegram is one of the few instant messengers that are on the market, and not the largest. Why I chose him?. For the development of game @villagegamebot I needed information about users, but Telegram it does not provide. So I assembled it myself, and now publish it. In June of this year in the game @villagegamebot appeared the menu item “Profile”, upon entering which the user through asking a few questions about gender, age, device used, location, profession.

The player may at any time terminate the filling or skip the question. Therefore, various questions were answered by different number of participants. This study provides data for Russian users, collected over three months (June-September). *Not taken into account — users have entered data with errors.

It turns out that there is a strong bias in favor of the capitals. It is also worth to note that almost 1/6 of the players from Uzbekistan. The result is quite logical. If the main audience is young people, they are either students or students. The results of the research to understand who is Russian-speaking audience of the games Telegram, which learns about them from friends or @storebot.

It turns out that the Telegram used by completely different people and this should be considered when you work in this messenger. On the one hand is the advanced people of the capitals were found in a previous study with other young people from across the country, with a third — a significant part of Uzbekistan. During his work with the Telegram I tried many different ways of working with the audience and share a few tips that will simplify your work. In my opinion, the Telegram is very important to use the technical capabilities of the messenger.

Your entire audience should be comfortable to work with you. Telegram allows users to work on a variety of devices — from desktop version or mobile apps to console client for geeks. So you need to always imagine how your product looks on different devices. Check how it looks before releasing the product. Borrow an iPhone from his girlfriend in the end.

Naked text messages looks very dry, and the picture is quite cumbersome. So, if you come to arrange text with images — it is necessary to take horizontal to your message carefully looked for any device. In General, a fairly common method of graphic design in Telegram, special entertainment notes — this emoji. Try to add them in your content — posts will become more interesting and attractive.

Just dont overdo it. Use in communications clearance Markdown, which allows you to add bold and italic text or to hide links. Unfortunately, this markup can be added only using bots, for example, @markdownrobot or @bold. In General, the training materials recommend the use of simple bots that make the users interaction with you is interesting. For example, search stickers — @sticker, GIF @gif, adding the ability to like apps — @like, add a vote — @vote.

Telegram messenger, and people are ready and willing to communicate. So for your projects, I recommend to create a separate chat. People will be easier to communicate with you, to share feedback and ideas for development. Now Telegram is the beginning of his career.

It has not many users, not generated market advertising and promotion. So you have the opportunity to join this market one of the first to grow with it, dont miss this chance.

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