Microsoft experts, FRÍA and the Open University “SKOLKOVO” will teach students to create successful startups

Registration has started for the largest student technology competition Imagine Cup 2016. In the framework of the Russian stage of the competition, Microsoft, in conjunction with the Foundation for Internet development initiatives (FRIA) and the Open University SKOLKOVO (Opus) will hold in 8 cities of Russia educational hackathons, where students and graduates can learn about creating applications and services, to try their hand in their development and to prepare for participation in the competition. “Imagine Cup is truly a momentous event for the international it community. This is not only a unique chance for students and young scientists to realize their ambition, but also an opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge with international experts and obtain their advice and support, — said Mikhail Chernomordikov, Director of Department of strategic technologies of Microsoft in Russia. — We hope that organized specially for the launch of Imagine Cup 2016 hackathons will help participants to feel more confident and will increase their chances of winning in the international final.”.

Imagine Cup — an international competition of student technology projects, every year thousands of students competing for its main prize — a grant of $50 000. Russian students first time in the history of the competition managed to win the main prize in the nomination “Game” two years in a row. On the eve of preparation for the season of Imagine Cup 2016 with the support of the FRIA and the open University in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Tomsk and Novosibirsk will be held hackathons.

During the event teams will need to develop a project for one of the categories of Imagine Cup. “Games”, “Social projects” or “Innovation”. These projects can later be present at the competition. An expert jury will evaluate entries, the best will get the opportunity to take part in the Russian semifinal of the competition.

“A hackathon is an important stage of the competition Imagine Cup, since they are for short term projects are born, which in ordinary life would require much more time to get the right to exist, — says Andrey Egorov, Executive Director of the open University. — We are very pleased that this year, like the previous four years, the Open University “SKOLKOVO” have the opportunity not only to support the competition, but to enable talented young people into the ecosystem “SKOLKOVO”. Therefore, we will invite participants with a strong projects aimed at solving global problems, in our new Global Challenges, where they will be able to develop and Refine their ideas with experts and, hopefully, convert them to a qualitatively new level”. The hackathon participants will be able to listen to lectures technology evangelists Microsoft, to learn the basics of programming and attend business trainings. In addition, teams that according to the results of hackathons will become participants of the Imagine Cup will be accepted online preakselerator of FIID and gain valuable presentation skills and development of business projects.

In turn, experts of the open University will select among the participants of several teams to participate in the first session of the programme Global Challenges. Thus, the hackathons will help children be fully prepared to participate in the Imagine Cup, which is especially important this year. The jury of the international final of the competition will focus not only on the technological side of the project, but the business plans and the ability of participants to present their ideas. “The Russian venture market in dire need of new technological start-UPS and new teams.

Imagine Cup is a great start for ambitious young boys who dream to realize myself as well as entrepreneurs and build your startup team. Most of the winners of Imagine Cup are ready to finalize their projects to full-fledged startups, we will be happy to offer investment and acceleration, because it is in the support of technological and Internet projects at an early stage FRÍA sees its mission”, — says Dmitry Kalaev, Director of educational and acceleration programs FRÍA. Educational hackathons have proven to be successful in preparing for Imagine Cup. On the hackathon in St.-Petersburg in November of 2014 met the future members of the team IzHard. Just eight months later guys scored a brilliant victory at the international finals of the contest in the category “Games” with the project OVIVO.

IzHard repeated the success of the Perm project Turn On, won first prize in 2014. To register to participate in hackathons and apply for Imagine Cup is at the link. In addition, students will be able to participate in two competitions dedicated to the Imagine Cup. Earth, a collaboration with NASA, and Hello Cloud.

Imagine Cup — an international competition of student technology projects that the company conducts with Microsoft 2003. Every year thousands of students competing for its main prize — a grant of $50 000 for the development of the project. To apply for participation in three categories. Games, social projects and innovation. In addition, in the framework of the Imagine Cup held additional contests.

Hello Cloud — create web application or website using Microsoft Azure — the Big Idea and Earth — a competition held by Microsoft in conjunction with NASA.


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