Microsoft has organized a competition to create solutions to rescue the main character of “the Martian”

To participate in the competition any person who is 18 years. A participant (or a team of a maximum of three people) should invent technology that will help Watney to survive on Mars or return to Earth to present it in short 3-5 minute video and send it with the application for participation till October 13, 2015. Microsoft also created a page dedicated to the project, which should help to get acquainted with the situation faced by Watney. Users can follow the route of the character from the NASA mission “Ares-3” to “Ares-4”.

On a special card are video, results and messages Watney, who described his work on stantially transmission to Earth. The site also has learning materials about space. According to the company, the competition should increase peoples interest in the field of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), which Microsoft is actively promoting as part of the educational initiatives such as Microsoft YouthSpark.

“Microsoft is contributing to the development of human potential of the society. And contest participants, we suggest that you first think about the person, not the technology, says the conditions of competition senior strategist designer Windows commands and Devices Sarah Morris. — Our message is simple. Developing solutions for Mark Watney on Mars should help us to create better technologies for people on Earth”.

Microsoft has created a card using the platform for developing applications and API Bing Maps pictures of telescope WorldWide Telescope project of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the support of the research division of Microsoft Research and Moscow state University. This optical device containing terabytes of images from various telescopes, satellites and observatories, and allows you to explore the night sky in different spectra (e.g., visible light or x-rays).


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