Millions on mulled wine

Vladimir Nikolaev. I know SEO, SMM, direct and content marketing, but I found a more effective way of brand promotion. I always wanted a lot of money and rich clients. I have exchanged the Ministry of internal Affairs Institute of international tourism and wanted to develop in this area.

I began with the launch of the site on the 5th course in 2011. The site made on Ucoz with free domain of the third level, is Packed full of lyrics and photos that I pulled from the competition and on Wikipedia. Programming experience I had, went on the run. Composed of 230 pages.

With what I got, I struck at a niche, which no one seriously engaged — VIP-rest on lake Baikal. At the time, for me methods of promotion were registering in the trash directories using 1ps, themed directories, self-prescribed relevant meta tags. I did a mailing to travel agencies in other regions and asked them to send me their clients who want to relax on lake Baikal. Gave high commissions.

Email address I took in 2gis and on the websites of these agencies. All the more I did nothing. No fancy PR campaigns, promotion in social networks and personal blog. After graduation my classmates went to scour the work, and I thought the money from the first sold tour.

The client was the Director of the Sevastopol aviation plant. Then I earned $2500 for four days. By the end of summer came a couple of bankers, I organized a tour for 12 days. Had a couple of requests for helicopters and transfers, in total, brought around $6000.

This did not go unnoticed, the Director of the recreation center, where I put my tourists first asked me to be his travel company. His name was Peter, and his firm “Persona tour”. 5 September 2011 I took office. Why I went over there, with their promising start.

First, I could have the experience of managing real company, in addition to the office in the center of the city was a camp site on lake Baikal and equipment (jeeps, boats, ATVs). Secondly, the owner of a successful businessman (in parallel, he was engaged in oil products), who could learn a lot there. Third, the summer season is over, the tourists will be only a year, and I realized that with $6000 and a website which consists entirely of others content, I can not wait.

Firm, where I was was sad, sorry, shit from the point of view of the concept. Same as 99% of all travel agencies in Russia. Do everything and nothing specifically. Trips to Thailand, Turkey, St. Petersburg, at least to the moon.. and we at Baikal tours do.

After a month I got rid of all the areas, except for lake Baikal. Now I had a dilemma, how to make this company cool not at the expense of his. It turned out that Pyotr Petrovitch with my friends every year rides a jeep around the lake. Apart from them, nobody does is a very dangerous event. I offered to make a friendly ride image project, which will extend our “consumer goods”-a tour of all firms are 10 years ahead.

I explained that you have to spend money on site development, to travel to Moscow and coffee, but the exhaust will be such that customers will tumble down. Given the good. The subject was standing, with this project I plan to make of “consumer goods” company number one on lake Baikal, and in parallel to promote your name, so that after returning to his frozen startup I have had clients and connections.

In 2011 an expedition went to make a film about the project, Dmitry grabovskiy. Fragments from the shooting we made the first movie for YouTube. Here it is. By the standards of such events, the trailer was great, the post office began to receive letters from journalists and people wishing to participate.

I wanted the site solved two problems. Accepted applications from new members and recruited partners. On the advice of Olga Verlan, the Manager on tourism, I turned to Vadim Zanino.

With him, we decided to make a site diary in three parts. The website worked for two years and fulfilled their tasks. Brought in new participants and partners, quickly introduces readers to the news. Bargain the guys made us a logo that is still used today.

The website along with logo, hosting, domains, content and maintenance cost us 60 thousand rubles. To publicize the project I used sites jeep clubs. People who are engaged in the jeep-a trial and knead the dirt on “Ladoga”, far from the adventures that we planned to show we.

The effect after the host not long in coming — hundreds of posts on the forums appearing every day. “Real” Jeepers said we we embarrass the movement, take space money. Part cost $4000 per person (exchange rate of 29 rubles per dollar). All this can be read on a dozen car forums.

All I had to do is add fuel to fire by publishing new information on “Baikal Trophy”. Anyone who publicly said that we are “shit”, without knowing it, only increased the interest in the project, the traffic to the site grew with each passing day. Effective use of the Jeepers I think its luck. The time I was 4 months before the start of the event, with smernicama I have never worked, but I felt that it is a thankless task.

Gave the job to his assistant ler the task to copy all email with “Yandex.News” — if no money, use this resource. Online found a guy who breaks base 2gis, and ordered him to address the media representatives all available cities. Addresses there car, half of my life manually send, MailChimp I didnt know then. Asked the programmer to write me a module distribution.

From photos taken over 7 years (as many organizers have traveled across the ice to me), only 10 come to the media. Gathered base, turned out to be 15 000 addresses. The enthusiasm was so much that I sent them for 6 hours. Distributed the first press release by the Russian media gave me 30-40 calls from across the country in day.

As a result. It was a success, no more primudrostey I didnt do. Of course, not free PR.

Assistant salary — 17 thousand rubles a month, the newsletter module — 15 thousand rubles (use it still), buy bases 2gis — 2 thousand rubles. I received 53 applications for participation. Talked on the phone with every candidate — dropped out, more than half are unprepared car, the high cost of participation, the duration of the expedition, the remoteness of residence from the lake. Took command of four.

Alexey Korshunov and Ivan Kuznetsov from Moscow, Sergey Onuchin from Sakhalin and Sergey Berdennikova from Irkutsk. To add scale and logos of famous brands on our jeeps, I made a list of 300 international companies and until the start of the “BT 2012” conducted negotiations. I only spent on the phone 125 hours. In the end, our partners are hotel chain “MARRIOTT” and manufacturer of automotive components NGK.

NGK part was especially nice, considering that this company is a partner of “Formula 1” and supports teams of Ferrari and McLaren. Before the lights became our partner Anna Kondratieva — Director of Agency of elite real estate. She is so imbued with the expedition, which two years provide free homes to the teams training camp. Were still good friends.

“Baikal Trophy 2012” we shot a lot of high quality photos and video, now I had something to show media, exhibitors and partners. After “Baikal Trophy 2012” the first thing we have mounted the film is about the journey. Under the format of a television broadcasting he did not come, and show it like.

After writing in “Vkontakte”, we called Maxim Milyutin — it shows alternative video, and offered to show us a film in the cinema. We liked the movie, but there were doubts that people will go watch it for the money. And the people went so that the audience is not enough. The show was a good occasion for the media and showed that the project lives.

The presentation of the film through the eyes “.Ru”. I started producing “Baikal Trophy” to “Persona Tour” was able to break away from the competition. Need to start making money on the project, it has become to be known.

All fall I led an expedition at the Federal level, prepared presentations for partners, sponsors and participants, choose the company that were necessary for the project. I flew to Moscow, and with everyone who made the list, held talks. A trip for 10 days at a cost of 70 thousand rubles.

As a result, we have concluded contracts for information partnership with the magazines Mens Health, all-wheel drive, 4×4 and the channel “Drive”. As full participants from the Mens Health magazine, acted as editor Dmitry Sirotkin and photojournalist Ivan Chudakov (heres the report, as fell through the ice of the crew). Crew of TV channel “Drive” was made a separate crew of three people under the leadership of Alexey Kameronova. Movie, 2013 on TV channel “Drive”.

Automotive partner in 2013 was the company “Arctic trucks Russia”. The expedition was attended by four new SUVs in picking “Arctic trucks”. Two Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Land Cruiser 100. About this cooperation is necessary to write the separate text.

I picked up new participants. The process is time-consuming because they cannot be allocated to a specific audience with a specific portrait. Age from 23 to 70, social status — from student to owner of the Corporation.

In 2013 received more than 1000 applications for participation. We took 14 people, including journalists. Producing “Baikal Trophy” I was engaged, working as the Director of “Person-Tour” — this one had pros and cons. On the one hand, I owned the situation from the inside, could use all the resources of the company for the benefit of the project, and on the other I had responsibilities for the management of the company as a whole, and I wanted to focus on producing adventure projects.

In October 2013 I returned to running his startup. So I now have contacts and experience. By the way, it happened that money I had to RUB 25,000 versus $6000 two years earlier. The old website is also gone, replaced by I made a stub with a phone number and email address.

I started looking for an inexpensive way to communicate with your audience. I had to demonstrate the quality of services and its approach. The site overflowed with the words “best,” “number one”, “unique”, “special philosophy”, was a little, what was needed was the contact face-to-face, the ability to communicate in an informal setting.

My father, Gennady Nikolaev, the best attendant in the world (according to Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria), suggested that to develop business in the region on the territory of ski resort “Sobolinaya Mountain”. This is not the only place in the vicinity of Irkutsk, where you can go skiing or snowboarding, but the most visited. The mountain is located 138 km from Irkutsk on the highway M-55, 2.5 km from Baikalsk. 12 tracks with a total length of 15 km with a height difference of 500 m.

Offers 7 lifts, chair. On the territory there are coffee house “city General”, bistro “Ski, Board, two tables, cafe Height 900”, bar “Bow-Vogel”, hotel “Grand Baikal”, the rental and Parking for 700 cars. October 2, 2013. I recovered in Baikalsk to look around.

With all its infrastructure advantages. Situated on the shore of lake Baikal, a good preparation of the slopes, transport accessibility — “sable” has one significant drawback — the lack of atmosphere, combining all skiers. If this atmosphere be inculcated, people will loyally refers to “mountain”, more willing to post photos in social networks, actively participate in competitions and events to write positive reviews, invite friends from other regions.

October 7, 2013. The best way to unite people is a common thing and talk about it. Place for such communication, I wanted to create a “Sable”. In that time we have worked with Eugene Starostenko and Vladimir Cherepanov from the “Im Siberian” on the organization of the expedition to Elbrus for advertising their gifts to the Siberian theme.

I decided to open a souvenir shop in the ski resort where they will be selling interesting things from all over the world. This could serve as a bridge between the philosophy of my company, skiers and snowboarders, the more the audience has always aroused my interest. I talked with the Director of “Sable” Artem Tsydenov and then President of the company “Grand Baikal” Anton Procentowy, and we signed a contract for the provision of space for a shop.

The building was built in 20 days my friend the Builder Sergey. This frame plywood hut with a sloping roof, with an area of 9 square meters. Inside — a pine bar counter, shelves and benches located on the perimeter, and window the meter on. October 8, 2013.

When I opened the house for visitors, the range consisted of Souvenirs “Im Siberian”, the goods “Lebedev Studio”, fur hats and branded my logo wool socks, mittens and scarves. As a gift for the first buyers we cooked on a hot plate crock pot mulled wine. December 21, 2013. The souvenir trade was unprofitable, but the mulled wine has become a hallmark of the “Sable”.

The recipe I inherited from an elderly Austrian, with whom we met five years earlier in the U.S. 8 days after opening I turned gift shop in mulled wine bar. Today it is the most atmospheric place to “Sable”, with your audience. Reviews can be tracked, for example, by publications in Instagram under the hashtag #bar211.

In 2013, I helped parents and brother, in 2014, to do this, quit my job my wife. Selling mulled wine, we talk about projects that we do outside of the bar and exchange contact details. While working, found that “Sable” no presentation materials and invited to make a video.

When we announced that we needed extras for the movie, bar helped us to quickly bring people. Video of the ski resort “Sobolinaya Mountain”. In 2014 the bar has led me to three major clients.

Russian Railways, the Swatch Group and the Russian geographical society. In 2015, “Gazprom-media” and “Rosneft”. The construction of the bar cost me 70 thousand rubles — the highest price due to the fact that the materials we brought from Irkutsk (140 km). Purchase of Souvenirs — 120,000 — wrongly spent money, it would be better bought wine and glasses.

About 30 thousand rubles went for different things (electric stove, kettle, napkin holders, sugar bowls, cups and wine on the first weekend). Now, having gained experience, you would need 100 thousand rubles for the opening of this bar pays for itself in 3 weeks on one mulled wine. Despite the fact that at the time of launch I had 25 000 rubles.

The rest of the money I borrowed from my friend Lesha Klimov. Bar helped me focus on my core business is organizing tours on lake Baikal. Now my company has a travel only for the wealthy, but with the arrival of the winter season Im going to stand behind the bar and brew mulled wine for the guests, got a pretty good conversion.


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