Mobile games as art: As games become akin to books and cinema

Sometimes I am haunted Nelson Mandela. Rather, his quote. “There is no passion to play a second role — to put up with a more boring life than the one you can afford”. Anyone working in the field of mobile gaming will be overwhelmed by this phrase and think about it, not whether to do something more significant. Could there be anything more trivial than the constant attempts to circumvent in the popularity of the game Candy Crush Saga, stranglehold hold the lead in “killing time”?.

Of course, this is a very subjective assessment. Its only been seven years since then, opened the App Store, and five years since then, as there was a genre of free-to-play, when Apple introduced in-app-purchase. No doubt, mobile gaming is a relatively young phenomenon, and they still are not as much attention as the older and established forms of art, such as books and movies. But it need not be so.

Currently more than two billion people have smartphones, and mobile games accounted for approximately 40% of the total number of application downloads. No other area of creativity does not extend so widely, and because we are only beginning to explore the potential of games. Free access, there are now many young people to novels, short stories and plays has poisoned the mind and corrupted the morals mostly showing promise of youth; he prevents the others to develop their skills and gain useful knowledge. Parents take care to ensure that children receive healthy meals; but how little concern to them food for thought, they dont care whether its healthy food or litter, straw or poison?. Reverend Enos Hitchcock, memoirs of the family Bromsgrove, 1790.

New directions of art is always criticized by politicians and social commentators for the danger they are to society. And since mobile gaming is the new way of expression, we must understand that they will also criticise. But it is naive and short-sighted to assume that this critique will be permanent or something different from the resentment was due to novels, movies, or rock-and-roll when they first came out. This new form of entertainment has gone far beyond explosive. youth. Depraved adult candy and coins inevitably luring children. Society of new York many were brought to justice for what they introduced girls in the confusion of these movies, but only God knows how many of them actually leading a dissolute life, thanks to the “moving pictures”.

— The annual report of the Society of new York for the prevention of cruelty to children, 1909. This, of course, does not mean that all of the games are decent, and all of them should be accepted as the art. For example, we are not going to rate Sharknado 3 in the same way that Citizen Kane. And if we want the game to become art, as creators, we must first make them masterfully.

If we want to feel comfortable in the context of the words of Nelson Mandela, we should do our best in creating games, especially now that enough funds that can help with that. But how to develop their own potential in creating mobile games. This issue is no different from the question of how to develop their own potential in any other area. And in this matter I fully agree with the thoughts of Scott Maccloud outlined in the book “Understanding comics.

Invisible art”. This is a fantastic job that I recommend to anyone interested in art in any form, regardless of your role — the viewer or the Creator. In this book, McCloud identifies six steps of creation of a work of art. The creation of a work of art.

Idea → form → style → structure → skill → external side. In contrast to the art, artists usually develop their skills according to the same scheme, but in the opposite direction. The development of the artist. The idea ← form ← style ← structure ← mastery ← outer side.

That is, many game designers start with imitating the works of others and fitting of the outer part of the functionality. We remake Pong to learn a programming language, or provide the quality of games, identifying bugs, so we get a consistent debugging of the entire game. So learn to Polish the outside surface. In the process, we gain skills, learn how to create something on a professional level. As a Junior designer we are learning the proper way to write spec tests and conduct user testing, and how to create standard functions, with which you can achieve the desired reaction from the players.

We have the expertise and begin to concentrate on the structure of our work. We find out what speed to hold the player on the game, how to balance the mechanics and optimize the first session. We determine necessary and sufficient functionality that should be present in the game, to get a single satisfactory whole – and this is the required skill set for professional lead designer. At this stage, how far we shall advance along the chain, depends on our personal motivation. Ambitious from a commercial point of view, designers are likely to focus on style, while the more creative designers are likely to choose the form or idea.

To work on what McCloud calls the style requires a lot of talent. Here, we consider the genre in which to create their games and how we can make a tangible contribution to this genre. How much we can stretch the boundaries of the genre, leaving the former audience and giving them what they are looking for in our game. I firmly believe that it is appear so commercially successful designers, as in the top 10 best-selling projects in any field, usually are those that have implemented significant and insightful innovations in the established form of the genre.

Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans are great examples of games that did just that — brought the evolution of an existing genre to a new level. To be focused on the shape of the means to care primarily about the potential of games, expanding the boundaries of existing games, figuring out how artistic they may be. This means to create games for games, to explore the possibilities of new mechanic.

Here I will cite the example of Etter Drei and Karen. Etter Drei is an abstract set of puzzles, which is similar to the game, but in reality, it is perceived rather as a study of collective work two silent strangers. Karen is an interactive held that expands the boundaries of games and movies, exploring our deeply personal relationship with technology. And he and other interactive experiences are truly innovative and creative, and expand our understanding of what should be the game. On the contrary, the same designers who have decided to focus on the idea at this stage more keen on the idea to use the game to transfer certain concepts or messages.

Designers here are more willing to use the material so that it became a source of experience which cannot be obtained any other way. These games typically have a strong narrative or decorations. Here you can select only a few games (in the end, this technique is still very young). For example, the game Journey shows that in this direction can be done in games for consoles.

It explores life and death, relying on the remote control, feedback and social nature of games, which would be impossible by other means. Can we say that the form, or idea, or style superior to each other. All these stages can be interesting to different people at different times, and, of course, choosing one does not mean forever abandon the rest. For most creative designers, it is important to balance between the ability to earn a living, to satisfy the need in popularity among the audience and the opportunity to experiment with new mechanics or explore what they think is important.

Not to say that creating something commercially successful completely eliminates the possibility of creating something artistic is rather vague field of possibilities and not in the form of a double choice. Take, for example, the work of Steven Spielberg. In 1993 there were two completely different film. “Schindlers list” and “Jurassic Park”. Both the film became very successful, but each in their own way.

“Schindlers list” now for many people today has become the definition of how should depict the Holocaust. “Jurassic Park” revived for millions of dinosaurs and was the beginning of a series of highly profitable films, which are still very popular. Both films cemented the reputation of Spielberg, which was created over 20 years. Few people will argue that “Jurassic Park” is a highly artistic film, but if Spielberg didnt remove so much popular same type of movie, would anyone watch “Schindlers List”.

And is that a world without velociraptors would not be less attractive and less impressive. In any of the movies Spielberg fully revealed his potential Director. Calling to mobile games does not mean that we recognize the majority of todays mobile games are masterpieces, but this means that there is a way to support the development of games. And if the current situation does not meet our expectations, it only means that we will have even more to give our all to achieve their ideals.

This transformation will not happen overnight, but after 10 or 20 years, I am sure we will see many examples of beautiful mobile games. Criteria are established by the people, including those who are happy and proud that creates these games.


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