Money: context does not work

If you are not Apple, money on worthwhile ads you have no. When the budget is limited, you have to choose. Experts on the Internet tell you about the efficiency of contextual advertising and CPA networks. Low lead cost, high payback.

You vbuhivaya the budget in context and the client base is not growing. You invest more and get the same result. Customers come, but they are few. Before you put everything on “zero”, look at how advertising works.

The product advertisement must work on several areas. Awareness, interest, active use of the product and loyalty.

To make the product recognizable, not necessarily to come up with creative campaigns. Theres even product does not need. In the early 2000s, Moscow is replete with inscriptions “why”. They were everywhere.

On the urns, walls, monuments, sidewalks. No one knew it. Some have speculated on the philosophical promise, the other wasnt thinking, and passed.

A couple of years, the secret uncovered is the title of the Moscow graffiti teams. In a few years they made a name for himself. Constantly flitting before the eyes of the logo is enough. People do not pay attention to him, not link, not interested in the product.

But this is not required. The buyers subconscious will remember the way. When there is a choice. You or your competitor, he will choose someone you saw more often. So made the brain.

Our solutions meet two systems. Conscious and unconscious. The goal of advertising is to get into the unconscious client.

The unconscious does not know where the best powder is and where it is not. In twenty years of advertising we remember that the powder looks like this. The objective is to show the product to the customer.

When the game with the subconscious is passed, we must turn to the needs of a person in use. Talk about a unique sales offer that will change your life for the better. In advertising campaigns “”Megaplan “” we compare the standard business tools — e-mail correspondence and instant messengers, maintaining a database of clients in Excel with the convenience of working in our system.

People used to use old tools — they are satisfied and they are not even aware that it is possible to work differently. We show that work can be easier and more efficient. The goal is to change the mindset of customers.

Until Evernote people have recorded important information on pieces of paper, in notebooks, texts, drafts Nokia. Evernote is simple in the promotional video explained the product use. With the new service you will not lose important records. All that will write to one device — available in different.

The interactivity and the frequent appearance of the product before will make people use the product. Just here working context and retargeting. Summer at the Cannes film festival Agency Proximity Russia took the gold and silver lions for advertising Post-it “Banner, which will make you fall in love with the banners”.

The Agency changed the retargeting banners of various Russian sites on the stickers where people could write yourself a reminder or note. A great example of how to reach clients network, even if your product is only useful in offline. It is important to show the basic function of the product and to give the possibility to “feel” her hands.

In 2010 we invented the “Miniplan” is a free service for time management. The same interface as in “the ” megaplan”,” but “Miniplan” solved personal issues and not working.

Users quickly mastered the simple version, understood the benefits and have already bought “Megaplan” for business. The user filled a tattoo with the brand he is loyal. Actually, if a person pays for your product, hes already loyal.

The advertising campaign two tasks. To make the jump from trial to paid and to extend the functionality of the paid version, to buy more. Need to remind the client about the benefits. In the first case — the paid version, and the second extended functionality.

These tasks are promotion, gifts, food distribution, case studies of clients. All four areas must work at the same time. Forget about one thing — lose money.

Context may not work on all four areas. It works only on one thing — the involvement in the use of. The number of people who know about your product and enter a query into the search line limited. If you talk to via other channels about the product, the audience will not grow.

Although contextual advertising is cheaper, it has a limit. It is better to run ads in the same business center, but through different channels. Put billboards around the building, hang posters in elevators, handing out leaflets at the entrance. In a month about your company will know all.

Then you can go to the next business center, residential home, and gradually expand the geography to the district, city, or region. If your budget is limited, the only way to attract new customers in sufficient quantity. Next time I will tell how to motivate employees and why you should not fire people during the crisis. See you next week.


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