Most Managers Avoid Communication With Subordinates — Study

The study involved a total of 1,120 employees of American companies. 37% of managers noted that they are concerned about feedback with the employee when it is necessary to characterise the work. Managers have problems in communication with subordinates even when it comes to praise — every fifth Manager has difficulty, expressing gratitude to the staff. The researchers note that in todays work environment, employees are increasingly avoiding real communication, preferring to communicate with each other via e-mail.

When respondents feel inspired every time I receive feedback about the work done, says Lou Solomon, founder of Interact, which ordered the study. Another study conducted by 15Five, confirms the existence of problems in communications between employees and management. 85% of employees are not satisfied with the quality of communication at work. Of the more than one thousand employees surveyed in the U.S., 81% said that they would prefer to work for a company that values “open communication” than in a company that offers great benefits as insurance, free food and gym.

CEOs often avoid communication with employees, so as not to hurt the feelings of subordinates, the researchers note. In addition, usually they are only interested in outcomes and not paying attention to the communication problems in the team.

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