Most popular branded YouTube channels in Russia: case studies of P&G and “Star wars”

The ranking was compiled manually. We saw several hundred branded channels, checking on the pages for major brands of different categories (from FMCG, cinema, automobiles, Telecom and other). Now there is no single database which contains all the Russian YouTube brand channels, so the rating has to perform this function. Error or no channel in the list to report at this address — [email protected]

The rating is updated monthly. The current data provided on 26 January 2016. Understand, why we have compiled this list and how it can be useful to brands and agencies.

On speaking registered about 300 YouTube brand channels. The number of subscribers on them varies from 10 people to nearly half a million. There are a couple dozen “live” channels with a large audience and actively updated interesting content. There are “abandoned” page, the latest publications, which were made several years ago. There are also quite “dead” channels — with two or three old TV commercials.

The rating consists of 50 Russian branded channels. In addition to the number of subscribers, which determined the popularity of the page, we have indicated the total number of views and uploaded videos. We have launched a ranking to show whos the best manifests itself on YouTube, which already has projects in Russia, as things develop and what will be this year.

At various times I was the producer of the three top channels in several agencies, and now in Zebra Hero, we want to develop this area of the market, brands increasingly came to YouTube, focused on the site, understand why they need to do long-term content video projects. For us it is important that branded content becomes more and more useful. There are several criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of video and channel. There is a standard metric Analytics that are only available to channel owners.

There is open data. In conclusion, the summary of views, dissemination and feedback of users on the video we can see the result on the channel as the number of subscribers.

Because today there are no automated services, allowing to estimate the above parameters in total, we decided to rank the ranking of branded channels on the basis of the number of subscribers. Traditionally on this parameter are prepared and the ratings of videoblogger, including analytical service Socialblade. We have assessed the number of subscribers, as this is the most objective indicator, which provides an open Playground. Views of the canal to get much easier (among subscribers, too, there are bots, but to a much lesser extent than in other social networks, because to do it on YouTube expensive and difficult).

When a person presses Play, he is not familiar with the content of the video, so to gain a guaranteed number of views of this or that video, even if the expectations of the audience are not met. The decision to subscribe is another matter. It is taken after a viewing, and the user must not only appreciate the movie but also want to get such videos regularly.

It is therefore quite normal when commercials get millions of views on external grounds through planting, but growth in terms of subscribers is not as high. In the ranking we revealed the top 50 channels. If you look at the top ten, it is clear that projects with a large number of Russian-speaking subscribers on YouTube until just a few. Between the leaders on the first two rows and the third gap is almost 200 thousand people.

Let us consider the cases of leaders read more. Channels “Girls” is owned by Procter & Gamble and promotes the feminine hygiene brand Always, and other womens brand of the company (Venus, Wella, Pantine, Camay) among adolescent girls.

The idea channel — a club for girls where they can chat, make friends, discuss actual questions. Love, school, beauty and more. The idea doesnt look wildly creative, but nonetheless works very well, judging by audience and channel activity. Whats the secret.

Go back to two years ago, in January 2014. The first video on the channel, creates one of the most popular girls in YouTube Russian Sasha Spielberg (2 883 990 subscribers). She begins to “shake” the brand channel, arguing about why it is cool to be a girl. The first video score from 200 000 to 2 600 000 views.

Sasha actively communicates with the audience, responding to comments, run contests with simple but effective mechanics. “take off video hit on channel”. In the comments under the video the brand also supports users.

Over time, this concept evolved there is no more superstar Sasha Spielberg. But polzovatelnitsy who were actively involved in the community, turned into a medium-sized stars, and now they are in the channel, gaining 100 million views in every video. All the girls are leading is the winner of videocontrol and budding videoblogger, that is, those who were very active and sent in their videos, talked in the comments.

In the first video on the channel there is no mention of the product. The main content is the lifestyle for the maiden audience. Product video appeared on the channel three months after launch. Messages from brands broadcasting cartoon characters girls, Nyasha and Mila. Food commercials appear every few months.

In November 2014, the channel has released their first music video “Girls”, which starred girls resident. If we analyze the involvement of the audience on the channel “Girls” and channel on the headliner project Sasha Spielberg, we see that the channel brand rates higher this means that users more interesting to follow a new project than the already familiar with the content of the blogger. Data provided by the system Viral Checker.

Channel blogger engagement — 0,01%. Channel brand engagement is about 0.3 — 0.4%. The channel was created to promote the seventh episode of “Star wars”. For several months he became a leader of the Russian YouTube with over 400 thousand followers.

Here we see a full YouTube series of seven episodes 6-10 minutes. The idea that two very popular Russian videobloger — Stas Davydov This is from a Well (5 577 264 subscribers) and Kate Gordon (3 960 485 subscribers) — fighting for power on YouTube. Jedi paraphernalia, characters, magical force sends the viewer to the film and involves the young generation in the great space Saga. A trailer for the project.

Each episode is scored from 1.5 to 2. 5 million hits and on average 97% positive ratings. This data is comparable with the coverage of the popular TV show that runs in primetime. Lets compare the indicators of engagement video on the channel and on the pages of bloggers.

Data provided by the system Viral Checker. Involvement on the project channel — 1,04%. Vovlechenie on channel bloggers. Katya Gordon — 0,34%, Stas Davydov — 0,53%.

Channel the brand AXE, there are more than five years, regularly launching new projects. YouTube channel is a tool that can be used for solving various tasks. Brand loyalty, product knowledge, sales. For us, the YouTube channel is the core of the digital ecosystem, the center of any project.

We started realizing that our audience is watching more videos online and especially on YouTube. Now we see that many brands began to actively develop their own channels to invest a lot of money. But for every brand, the creation of the channel should be 100% calculated move. Its not PREROLL views cheat.

If you came to YouTube, it must be for the long haul. You cannot come to do the project in three months and leave, the audience will never forgive you, rather, it just unsubscribe and forget about you. The secret in attracting the attention of the audience — in the regular release of high quality, interesting, and, most importantly, unique content.

Then users start to sign, thereby showing their loyalty, then you will begin with impatience to wait for the video to leave comments like these. Of all the successful projects on YouTube in one way or another involved videoblogger. Lets see what the pros and cons of working with them.

Pros. Cons. The secret of success is simple — discuss your idea with the author, and then trust him.

He knows his audience. Its not just an actor, which he says is written for him a replica, it is a successful content maker. And should work with it accordingly. Often the channels brands are the cemetery of commercials with zero activity.

Of course, this cemetery is far inferior to the living channel with an active audience, because without the purchase of traffic no new videos will gain views. Here and help run the long-running show that will make viewers stay on the channel. You can call to someone from the Comedy Club or of “Ural dumplings”, but, as practice shows, the most active audience is now only a videoblogger”.


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