MotionPlay €? Wireless Mini-joystick For Smartphone

Today in “Ideas for business” — a mini-joystick for mobile phones MotionPlay, which does not need to connect via cable or Bluetooth. It works without charging, easily attaches to the screen through tactile contact simplifies the gameplay. MotionPlay is a small wireless device for the smartphone from the Korean company Widevantage. The main difference MotionPlay from other methods of game control — it does not need to be connected via a connector or via Bluetooth.

It is fastened with a magnet and runs on software that does not require direct connection to mobile. It is enough to add to the sidebar, and it works automatically when you start the game, which is supported by the program. By means of tactile contact, the joystick provides an intuitive and more accurate gameplay. It can be easily attached to the smartphone and not blocking the screen area. While MotionPlay only works with games with the compatible software module.

Now there are about 250, mostly arcade. The company is looking for partners to integrate with existing systems or games. According to General Director of Geun Koch, to set up compatible with most available mobile gaming will take no more than an hour. MotionPlay plan to release in the U.S. and Korea in the first half of 2017.

Price will be $15-20.

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