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60 years ago it was hard to imagine that Singapore will be one of the best places to live and work. Since the 19th century the island was a colony of the British Empire during the Second world war for three years was occupied by Japan, in 1963 became part of Malaysia, and in 1965 became independent. At the time of obtaining the sovereignty of Singapore was very poor and completely dependent on Malaysia in terms of resources. However, by 1990 it was already a completely different country.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Lee Kuan yew, the city-the country has been able to dramatically increase their level of economy, through the adoption of strict and transparent laws and a victory over corruption. The leadership of Singapore simplified entry for Western companies, which helped to attract large capital. Now by many measures, Singapore is considered the best place in the world for doing business. But all is not perfect in this country, partly due to the human nature and geographic location.

In Singapore is always quite warm, the average temperature for the year is 27 °C and when this much rain falls. A major problem from July to October becomes thick smog, periodically covering the city because of the drought and forest fires in Indonesia. Singapore is considered to be one of the most expensive places to live and often takes first place in various rankings.

Almost all food is imported from neighbouring countries. In General, the prices of food and clothing are not much different, for example, from Moscow. The country is very expensive real estate and the prices for rent and own a car can afford only wealthy people. Even small in size and power car in Singapore costs on average between $100 thousand.

The price of such possession of the vehicle to fold because of the system of state control. Singapore occupies a small area in the population of 5.54 million people, it is worlds second most densely populated country. Therefore, the government had to limit the number of individual transport taxes, licenses and quotas. For example, from September 2015 to January 2016 residents of Singapore have allocated a quota in 21653 car, that is not even everyone and mastering the necessary amounts will be allowed to buy.

However, the public transport system in Singapore is very well developed — shes one of the best in the world. People move mainly on the metro and buses, and at night by taxi. The lack of your own car in this country does not deliver serious inconvenience. The government supports the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and more frequent movement on the bike.

The main population of Singapore are Chinese, Malays and Indians, but there are also small groups of other nationalities, including the Brits, for example, Russians, Jews, Arabs and Japanese. Recognized as official languages English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Training in the country was transferred mostly in English. In addition, in Singapore gradually enter the Western approach to education, increasing the impact of humanitarian Sciences for the development of creative and critical thinking.

Singapore is a country of immigrants, almost half of the population are immigrants, hence such a mixture of cultures. The basis of government social policy based on meritocracy, bilingualism and tolerance. So the authorities are trying to form a society in which people avoid ethnic conflicts and evaluate a person only by his skills and qualities.

Singapore is known for its harsh laws and use of the death penalty. To execute not only for trafficking but also for their use, and it may even be marijuana. Since 60-ies in the country have been able to establish clear legislation and clear enforcement of all laws. Singapore as the least corrupt state in Asia and one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Largely thanks to the strict laws and incorruptible judicial system of Singapore and have become so suitable for business. Now Singapore has the largest concentration of dollar millionaires in the world. In Singapore there are attractive tax system. The profit tax of local or foreign companies is 17 per cent and the dividend to permanent residents and citizens of Singapore not taxed.

For individuals works progressive system — from 0 percent when income is in 20 thousand Singapore dollars and up to 20 percent when income is more than 320 thousand. For working in Singapore for 60 days a year with a temporary residence permit foreigners to personal income tax, if the nonresident works from 61 to 182 days, his income is taxed at 15 per cent, from 183 days or more are subject to progressive tax rates for residents of Singapore. The unemployment rate in Singapore one of the lowest in the world at the moment, roughly 2 percent.

The countrys biggest companies are mainly in the sectors of banking services, electronics and transportation. One of the largest banks in Asia founded by the government in 1968. The Bank is recognized as the safest in the region. The company is present in 17 markets, including China, India, Japan, Hong Kong, UK, USA, South Korea and Malaysia.

Provides services to its customers Internet banking and mobile applications with strong protection against break-ins. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation was founded in 1932 by the merger of three banks. Assessment Bloomberg, one of the strongest banks in the world. The Bank operates in 15 countries, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, China, Australia, USA and UK.

Singapore Telecommunications was founded in 1879 as a private telephone exchange. It is now one of the largest mobile operators and Internet service providers of Singapore, which also has offices in other countries total number of clients 500 million people. A division of Singtel Innov8 invests in innovative companies.

The Bank was founded in 1935. Today it is one of the largest banks in Singapore with representative offices in 19 countries, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Japan. The largest agro-industrial company in Asia.

Its main product — palm oil and other vegetable oils. In 2012, Newsweek declared the worst company in the world in terms of the impact on the environment. Against the policy of Wilmar were made by the representatives of Greenpeace. Since 2013, the company began the changes that Wilmar promised to avoid further deforestation, draining of peat lands and the exploitation of the local population on plantations in Indonesia.

One of Singapores largest conglomerates engaged in the construction of oil rigs and shipping. Flextronics is one of the largest contract manufacturers of electronics, second only to Taiwanese Foxconn. Specializes in the production of electronics and software development for other companies.

Among the companys customers include Apple, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, Huawei, Ford and other. The company is engaged in the development and production of optic fibers, LEDs, optical sensors and various chips. In 1961 founded as a division of HP engaged in semiconductors.

One of the largest real estate agencies in Asia, also does business in Australia and Europe. National company is regarded as one of the worlds best airlines. Singapore Airlines is one of the leading international airlines, is the pride of Singapore and one of its symbols.

According to surveys among Singaporean students, the most desirable place of work — Google. Internet in Singapore is available for almost all (penetration — 99%). Top sites in Alexa, not much different from the international leaderboard.

The only list in the site, visited mostly by residents of Singapore — Qoo10, trading platform, created by Ebay in partnership with the Korean Gmarket. On the website you can buy clothes, gadgets, goods for the house and car, products for children and products. Most popular Singapore websites, according to Alexa.

Among the interesting Singaporean startups experts identify. Platform that allows you to transfer valuable resources, often money, in the form of tokens together with images, video, audio or text on social networks and instant messengers. Asian social network and Dating app.

Mobile application that allows you to quickly and easily buy and sell things in the format of the C2C. The company has developed technology and mobile calls with a good connection quality even over slow 2G networks. Service to search, buy and rental.

The company creates visual recognition technology to improve searching for images on the Internet. The e-Commerce platform for contemporary Asian designers.

Messenger for organisations that facilitates communication employees. Service, connecting the organizers of tourist activities with agencies, airlines and hotels. The company develops technology for telecommunications applications and browsers that provide high-quality video even in low connection.

With an overall positive dynamics of development and the achievement of higher results, especially in economy, Singapore has a number of features that might scare off. In a country dominated by one party “peoples action” since 1965. The Internet is controlled by government agencies, anti-government statements are deleted and their authors punished by imprisonment. Singapore is at the last lines in the ratings of press freedom.

Most companies in the media sector controlled by the government, as, for example, the countrys largest newspaper the Straits Times. Part of television channels owned by the government. The Internet restrictions are not too hard, mostly blocked websites with explicit content and bloggers with strong anti-government position.

Hold meetings on the streets without special license prohibited. Penalties for violation of the order, on average, about a thousand Singapore dollars. Singapore is often criticized for strong control of society, limiting the freedom of will of citizens and the lack of a counterculture. Many believe that people in Singapore spend their time only at work, in stores or talking about food.

The government rejects such criticism, but to some extent trying to give young people the chance to develop in new directions through the expansion and reform of educational programs. Now in Singapore there is a slowdown in the growth of economy and population. The country needs new ideas and creative minds, seeking to go beyond the established boundaries.


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