Mozilla Ridiculed The Bans Of The European Commission Copyright By Using The Iconic Memes

Mozilla pointed out that the measures the Agency will lead to the illegality of the creation of the self against the backdrop of European landmarks. Also, reforms can lead to a ban on the use of memes and GIF images — the proposed changes dont make exceptions for panoramas, parody, or collage. Mozilla at the same time informs the audience about the reform and makes fun of its absurdity. At the end of the video there is a link to a website Change Copyright with a request to the Agency to take into account modern realities.

The second movie of the series jokingly calls the publication of the. GIF images the worst crime, and the third video includes the famous memes of the past few years, for example, Grumpy Cat and Boromir. Also, Mozilla has created a website to Post Crimes, which encouraged people to break the rules, for example, photographed on the background of the attractions.

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