“Multidoktor” Aggregator Of Medical Services

Today in the category of “Startups” — service “Multidoktor” that aggregates healthcare services from different sources and helps users to choose a clinic, diagnostic center, doctor and book an appointment. Pass the microphone. My name is Ivan Ponomarev, 27 years old I.

Before starting a startup, I worked as a game producer at GameDev, and in the autumn of last year left the old life behind and began work on “Multicontrol”. Six months ago I lived in a house overlooking the Mediterranean sea, saw the sun 90% of the days in a year and was happy with the unhurried flow of life. So would have continued to this day, if not for the Skype call at the end of summer 2016.

I called friends and offered to make application for tracking medication. At that time they tried everything offered by the market, but they either cost a lot, or provoked a desire to break the phone. I agreed, and that decision radically changed my life. The application prototype my team and I collected over a week and a half, calling every day and adjusting the development.

At the start refused monetization. We understand that the market for paid apps is dying, and the start will be expensive. So monetizirovat through additional functionality and the ability to reorder medication.

We have added new features, but we constantly had little. At some point we realized that in a mobile application it becomes closely. For two weeks we made a web service and added a function to make an appointment to see the doctor or clinic. We could stop and make a standard web service, but decided to collect interactive stands, where you can use the functions of the platform offline.

Then I resigned and moved to Moscow. The first thing we went for examination to the company DocDoc with our prototype and ideas. Received feedback and partnership agreement. Then put together the first stand.

It is possible to enroll to the doctor, to the clinic and get a full range of paid medical services. Also invented to add to the stand function of free health checks in real time. We made friends with the project ECG Dongle, which produces cardioplegia for ECG. They were going to participate in the exhibition “50+.

All the charm of a Mature age” and agreed to take us, if we can modify our interactive stand under them. Needed to debug sensors on the stand, to write compatible software and test the ECG in real-time. In November 2016 at Expocentre we have shown the first stand “Multipactor” — “Point of health”.

We expected 100-150 users over the three days of the exhibition. On the first day the stand was used by 700 people. The queue did not disperse, even when the stand is temporarily out of service. For three days the stand was used 2 thousands of people.

At the exhibition we received the first orders as well as contacts of companies interested in cooperation. Today we see “Multidoktor” as a medical platform with three areas: We orientirueshsya on online and offline market segments and create a platform where a couple of clicks, the user gets access to:

We are looking for investment to finalize the current version and preparing the product for market entry. We plan to achieve breakeven and to cover the investment considering the coverage of market segments mhealth and ehealth. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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