Navigine navigation and tracking movements inside buildings

Hi, My name is Oleg Demidov, Im the co-founder and development Director at Navigine company. A few words about myself. I am 30 years old, more than eight years I have worked in international consulting, government agencies support the development of innovation, was engaged in the development of several it companies. In addition to working in business, was educated in two directions.

Economics (master of Economics NES) and technical (candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences of Moscow state University. Lomonosov Moscow state University). All this, of course, is very useful in the context of the work on our project. We develop b2b-platform for creation of services based on precise positioning indoors.

The need to monitor and analyse movements within large buildings is increasingly relevant to modern business. The collection of such data allows a better understanding of visitor behavior and to increase the level of service. The business will also be useful to have the ability to optimize business processes and information, say, about the movement of staff and equipment.

This is a very popular and promising direction — according to ABI Research, Markets and Markets, in 2014 the global market for location-based services inside buildings has made $935 million, and by 2019 will increase to $4.4 billion. However, existing technologies have a number of limitations that do not allow to achieve the best possible results with minimal cost. For example, GPS does not work indoors (without buying multiple expensive repeaters), the accuracy of positioning by using cellular signals depends on the number of base stations and their distance. To create inertial navigation systems (determine the coordinates and parameters of motion using inertia properties of bodies) need expensive equipment.

RFID tags cannot hang on to all the visitors of the shopping center and so on. We combine different technologies and approaches to indoor navigation and created a service that allows you to determine the position indoors with an accuracy of 1 meter in the absence of satellite signals. Navigine algorithms can handle a wide range of information from GPS and GLONASS to magnetometers and barometers.

The process of using the services Navigine is very simple. You only need to install the equipment (or to use already available Wi-Fi or Bluetooth infrastructure), to prepare a map of the area and Navigine to integrate the SDK into your app. Navigine technology can be applied for many different companies, faced with the necessity of organizing flows of people within large areas. These include transport hubs (airports, train stations), shopping malls, museums, sports facilities, banks and industrial enterprises.

By using our services, these organizations can collect information about the movement of visitors, personnel (including with possibility of access control), to control these movements and to collect Analytics. All this helps to create a more comfortable space in the room, and means to increase the loyalty of visitors and to receive additional income from tenants and advertisers. As for industrial enterprises to streamline business processes, increase safety and reduce costs from idle time of employees and equipment.

The project is developing since 2011, we now have offices in USA and Germany. Navigine services deployed in more than 40 locations worldwide. The potential of our project was appreciated not only by users but also investors. In 2014 we received funding from the Fund Starta Capital, and not so long ago in the framework of seed rounds in us invest the Fund AYR Ventures.

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