Netflix Has Released Possibity Arcade With Characters From Their Series

Flix Arcade — first game, where the hero runs through an infinite 2D map and collects points. Such games were popular in the 1980-ies. Characters can be controlled using the spacebar. One touch to jump and two for superprize. The characters in the arcade is the main characters of the series “Narco” (Pablo Escobar), “Orange is the new black” (Piper Chapman), “Very strange things” (Mike Wheeler) and “Marco Polo” (Marco Polo).

The map and objectives with points depend on the chosen hero. For example, Piper Chapman runs through prison corridors and catches cocks. In the series the heroine in the conclusion he sees a chicken, but no one believes in its existence. Then Chapman is going to catch the bird to prove shes not crazy.

Arcade game created by the staff of advertising Agency The Glitch in Mumbai. To promote the game in India and Spain, the company has published a video in social networks. Whether you choose to stick to your New Years resolution or not, were here to make sure you #DontStopRunning.


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