New head of “Kinopoisk” Dmitry Stepanov has announced the departure of the project team

Currently, the team of “Kinopoisk” employs more than 70 people. Of them decided to leave the project about 10 people. The decision to dismiss part of the command was taken by agreement of the parties, noted in “Yandex”. According to company representatives, the dismissals affected the technical part of the project team.

“In the near future will be open vacancies for developers and system administrators”, — said in “Yandex”. Close to the company source reported that the reason for the dismissal of the employees was “information leak”. Representatives of “Yandex” has confirmed that “the decision on dismissal of the employees taken as a breach of NDA (non-disclosure agreement, info — Prim. Ed.)”.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the screenshot of the notes from an internal company blog, in which the marketer “IMDb” complained of insults and threats from users. The decision of leaving part of the staff taken as a violation of the NDA. They disclose to third parties the information constituting commercial secret of the company, including information about the development and plans services. They were asked to leave the company.

The source of “Vedomosti” argues that “third parties” were the founders of “Kinopoisk” Vitaliy Tatsiy and Dmitry Sukhanov. October 13, 2015; head of the media services of “Yandex” Dmitry Stepanov resigned from his post to lead the “Kinopoisk”. The previous project Manager, Olga Mansurova, decided to leave the company. October 8, “Yandex” has restarted the service “Kinopoisk”, but has faced criticism from users discussing design changes and unstable operation of the site.

On 12 October the company launched the old version of the site at the same address — Updated at 16:50. The founder of “Kinopoisk” Vitaliy Tatsiy on his page in Facebook said that under the layoff were those employees who had no relation to the creation of the new website, and worked on old. In particular, they were the “admins, programmers, mobile developers, content managers, database administrators, sales,” he wrote.

As far as I know, the cause was General chat in Skype, where the former team is critical and discussed the events of the last days (the security service called each and asked for the release today, simply because people present in the chat, even those who never wrote a word). Guys has warned bosses that the new version will fail. Fired people who thoroughly knew the old KP — these other in “Yandex” there are no more.

Editorial, news writing, still working, but the CP is not news. Dont quite understand how “Yandex” intends to develop “MMORPG”, without those who tried to keep afloat the last two years. Updated at 17:47. The representative of the Rambler&Co Sofya Ivanova stated that the holding is ready to meet and discuss the opportunity for employment of those who left the “Kinopoisk”.


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