News In The Field Of Advertising And Marketing Over The Last Week

Ads construction companies with Shnurov, a series of rollers on entrepreneurs from “Points,” a video dedicated to the 20th anniversary of “Yandex”. American advertising company wrote an open letter in which he accused Apple of “destroying the advertising ecosystem” due to time constraints of the cookie in the Safari browser. “Yandex” will hold a special conference for business owners, marketers and anyone who wants to effectively promote their services and products online. The event will be held on November 10, 2017 in Vladivostok. The companys specialists will tell about the development of advertising technologies, analytical and performance tools “Yandex”, and also about methods of attracting the target audience.

Google introduced a new Startup website with Google. The project is focused on startups and entrepreneurs developing new businesses. The site contains tools for creating apps and websites, Analytics, implementation of machine learning and monetization. Advertising “Yandex.Direct” on the “Maps” began to appear photos, reviews about the organization, and rubrics from the Repertory. With the introduction of new options, the system compares the data of the companys business card in “Direct” information about her in the “Reference” and automatically completes the announcement.

“Yandex” has launched a certification for managers to work with Yan and Adfox. Now specialists in the procurement of traffic and the owners of the sites and apps will be able to test your knowledge and get a certificate. Google has updated AdWords editor to version 12.1. The editor supports product listing ads-marts deployed dynamic search ads, as well as the new bidding options. “Yandex” has started to accept the placement of a new format for the horizontal banners on the main page — HTML5.

Previously they required Flash, but the company decided to abandon it, because it is outdated. On the final termination of the old format to be announced. Google AdWords decided to suspend the experiment with the ability to add a second line of the description in detailed text ads. Most likely, these ads did not receive a large number of clicks, and CTR was the main metric on which Google focused when you run the deployed ads.

All blocks are “direct” in the search have the opportunity to report any inappropriate ads. Now, the corresponding button appears when you hover on the ad. The assurances of the team, none of the users can not hide other peoples ads in the results. Each application is considered separately, and the ads will only be rejected in case of violation of the rules. Have the opportunity to alter the “story” of Instagram in an ad and run it in Facebook, Instagram and the platform Audience Network.

For paid publications, you can apply the format of Facebook Canvas — full-screen ads that load in the social network without switching to the advertisers website (similar to the Instant Articles). Facebook hopes to make Instagram Stories are convenient for businesses of all sizes. From 18 September 2017 users can share “stories” directly with your friends by clicking on the link or special icon under the post. 23 September 2017 “Yandex” marks 20 years. To this date, the brand has prepared a series of videos, which starred the iconic people who participated in the creation of the company over the last 20 years.

Moscow construction company “Terem” has released a promotional video Ilya Naishuller starring with musician Sergei Shnurov. The video was part of an advertising campaign “going home.”. A large part of the thirty-second of video takes the image of professionals from different areas, over Cords tells the people that “the fate tests the strength”. The musician appears in the video in the last seconds with the phrase. “Always there comes a time when only think of one*****, how do you want to go home”.

The Bank “Point” and advertising Agency “Voskhod” has launched the second phase of the campaign on entrepreneurs who are changing the world. In a series of ten clips shows how businessmen helped to draw the attention of Bank management on weaknesses and fix them. Each of the rollers of the series begins with a call to the call center “Point”. In the story the entrepreneur tells about his problem (i.e. that cannot access the service due to the model of your laptop), and the operator can do nothing to help him.

After that, the voice-over says, as the problem is solved now (the service is supported on all platforms). Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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