“Nothing Destroyed Me As A Growing Business”

The author of the Telegram-channel immigration to America “Over the hill” about how many years of intense work rhythm influenced his physical and mental health. The theme of business and entrepreneurship popular among bloggers and other charlatans — shes all interested, and its easy to fantasize, imagining business as endlessly entertaining creative process that utilizes the best of human abilities and allows you to earn millions, “achieving goals” and “making the world a better place”. This image of a successful and happy entrepreneur, formed media creates are far from business people to high expectations. Business is infinitely long and largely routine process, consisting of millions of boring tactical steps each day and a few larger and more confident strategic moves in the year.

These strategic shifts are caused by sudden growth or development of new ideas, is the creative, interesting, creative part of business, which are telling people in expensive suits. The problem is that it takes only a few percent of the total working volume. The rest is a seething swamp of shit youre trying to swim handcuffed and blindfolded.

The swamp is an endless number of everyday, repetitive tasks that should be done with precision and constancy of the Chinese collector iPhone second generation. Metaphor is not accidental. These routine things “suck” — if fall out of working rhythm for a day or two out it will be almost impossible. Confrontation with the swamp creates a burden on the human body that it can lead to health problems. Ill explain this further, but for now two words about what I do.

From the point of view of a businessman in the usual sense of the word I is so small that I did not even notice a tax officer. Below I will give some figures so you can appreciate the scale and to discount my words to the desired value. Im sure this article will be read and more successful businessmen than I. In front of them I hate.

I have three main projects that generate money right now or have a lot of potential in the future, and some additional projects that I invest time and a little money, but which do not expect a commercial return. My main business in August of 2017, bringing in about $20 thousand profit. As for the other projects. There either out less, or all the money was reinvested.

By the way, one of the projects that is practically not earns, but, in my opinion, has a good potential, is a Parasite. It figures, too, are not classified. We earn about $10 thousand per month, but to completely invest the money in growth, development and entering new markets. Now this team employs six people. Each of the projects is growing at 10-20% per month.

Despite the small scale of the business, I usually work 12 hours a day with rare weekend. The number of routine tasks so great that it is sufficient to run them for a few days — and restore history, to understand the message and log in will be impossible. It is necessary to erase information these days and start anew. In fact, it means that I fall asleep with phone in hand and Wake up with him. Over the last year I never had Breakfast, not looking through mail and SMS.

Since my business is focused in different parts of the world while I sleep on the other side of the Earth there are many new — and it is necessary to absorb in the first hour of wakefulness. Then, I hear from employees. Directly, I work with five people. I check the progress over the past day and set tasks for the current, pay on completion that turned bad, and synching our plans for the medium term.

If there are problems, colleagues again contacts me. Problems arise constantly, and therefore we maintain continuous contact. When a new task I teach them. Five people are employees who “report” to me, the other cooperating either with these employees or with my partners.

Of course, during the day I keep in touch with partners. With them we try to concentrate on more strategic tasks (the top 1% of the business, which is interesting) and be sure to call once a week to discuss progress and make plans for the coming week. A few hours of pure time a day is spent on communication with employees and partners. To this must be added an endless number of calls from customers and counterparties.

In a “good” day, Ill call ten times, “bad” — up to fifty (thats one call every 15 minutes for 12 hours — this experience is not easier than the first birth and twins once). Rest of the time spent on routine work tasks. They are so boring that if I start to describe them, youll fall asleep faster than I finish. Experience shows that any routine task can not be delegated, while you yourself have not reached mastery. On average, two hours I spend in my office, the rest of the time working from home.

Im trying to save time on everything you can. For example, use Uber instead of the private car and take food from restaurants instead of cooking at home. In addition, order toilet paper, and listen to audio messages in wireless headphones while sitting on the toilet. Perhaps only now you realized how bad it is. Sometimes I can work 16 hours straight, then sleep for five hours and again to sit at the computer.

The next day I can sleep twenty hours and Wake up in the night. My working tool is a laptop. Something heavier than laptop I only lift at the gym. Those who have read up to this point, I can assume that this routine does not enhance my health. Cant refute this suggestion — nothing destroyed me as a growing business.

I will try to briefly document what has happened to me. The first warning signal that I did not pay attention, become headaches. Not episodic, and regular — almost every day, from morning till evening. The pain was that strong, then abated, but in General remained with me for twenty days in a month. I treated her American folk — tablets Advil.

This is the usual painkillers, which tend over time to lose efficiency. So I went from one pill to two, then two into three and so forth until you began to drink them every day. In this moment I realized. Something went wrong. And made an appointment to see the doctor.

The doctor has diagnosed “constant tension-type headaches”. As he explained, is a type of headache that occurs as a result of psychological overexertion or stress and may be a long time to pass, if you do not remove the source of irritation. Bad enough that its not lupus and not cancer, and their treatment at the time, I ended up going to the doctor. The headaches continued and became stronger. At some point began the really nasty stuff.

For those who dont know, depression is a specific medical condition that can make you a vegetable like ten chemotherapy cycles in a month, and not just in a bad mood. Depression is one of the worst things the person can face. After lupus and cancer, of course. Lost appetite and desire to do anything. During the day, you feel tired and cant get up off the couch, and at night — on the contrary, adrenal energy and the inability to sleep.

You are all annoying and nothing pleases. My eyes hurt from the light of day. Low libido. Headaches are getting worse. Any negative experience is amplified tenfold, positive — devalued the ruble in 2014.

You dont get a lot of energy, but the more you lie, the worse you feel. Without intervention this condition can last for years. Then comes into play insomnia — the companion of depression.

In this state, the day blends with night into one. You no longer discern the time of day. At this time I have tried melatonin and sleeping pills, but they only help me sleep once, and do not eliminate the cause of the problem. When you start sleeping, your efficiency becomes zero. The work gets.

You cant lead a normal life and not much different from a person with full body paralysis. This is the event horizon, point of no return, the tipping point — call it what you want, but you are either starting treatment and during the year, return to normal life or finish her vegetables. I was able to overcome depression and insomnia (though the echoes are still being felt today), but got another Upernavik, which previously only read in books. Panic attacks. A panic attack is such a hopelessly lame as when the heart begins to beat furiously, palms — sweating, breath, but most importantly — there is an unspeakable fear of imminent death.

A panic attack is a condition when you know that in five minutes will die. Its a simulator of death to “maximum speed” is indistinguishable from reality agony, but without an actual risk to die. When I used to read about this condition, I am truly amazed. Well, what went sick to you this happened. Now I understand.

This usually occurs due to high stress. The last attack happened a few days ago. Was so scared that at some point I realized that I cant even pick up the phone to call an ambulance. After five minutes, was released. Attacks always come down enough to breathe deeply and wait.

The chronology of how I almost became a walking corpse, few people are interested in, if I dont offer an experience that money on it. There are twelve ways to reduce stress and begin to engage in healthier business. I will try to give each no more than a paragraph. Infosum and news. I disabled notifications in social networks, applications, browsers and news sites to know nothing about the world.

I have no pictures of the day. I dont read the news. I dont follow the sensations of the hour. Inforum creates a huge strain on the already troubled minds of entrepreneurs, and gives you nothing in return. To not look autistic enough time in a week to read a selection of major events.

Often does not mean better. Unnecessary people. Every contact with a person — personal, chat or phone — this microconflicts, which takes away some of your resources. There are a lot of unwanted people who take your time and effort, but give nothing in return (not only in material terms, but also in the spiritual).

Identify the distractions and shut them all contacts. Personal Secretary. If half the day is spent on reading emails and answering them, it may not be what you want to spend your life. When minor cases are so many that for them are seen important, hire a person that will dig into the letters instead of you. It seems that to entrust their correspondence to another person is impossible, but if you open the window and look at the world, youd be surprised whats around you, not only idiots.

Trust to its employees. Check each action of the staff takes a lot of nerves. Learn to relax and finally start to trust them. This does not mean that we should let business slide. This means that if you hired these people, then they are probably not stupid and also know what to do.

Monitor the achievement of objectives and overall quality, but do not interfere in the operational details — why would these officers. Relax where they work, to get in those areas that are not part of their job. Delegation of tasks.

All the tasks that you thoroughly understand and have learned to do, try to convey to the employees. The only way you will free up time and energy to take on new tasks that are not yet understood and havent learned to do. This is an ongoing process of your personal development and business growth. In addition, it reduces the number of routine cases, and this, in turn, reduces stress. The work must not affect the mood.

Angry customer. Spit. Failed project. Spit. Disrupted deadline.

Spit. All the work remains in the field of work. Once you close the laptop, it starts your personal time. Working treat failure as a run-time failure, not a personal catastrophe.

Even the most disgruntled customer can make me work better or change the business process, but will not spoil the mood and not make me nervous. Remember. Excessive stress can lead to death in forty-three years. Do not worry about what I cant decide. A rule that goes beyond the concept of a dissatisfied customer, not to worry about what can not influence.

Of course, this statement from the category of “easier said than done”. But it is really possible to learn. When you are faced with a serious problem, think about it. Can I now take a sequence of steps to solve it.

If such a combination of steps no, just relax. Remind yourself of what causes stress, and continue to live happily. Otherwise forty-three. Not develop projects that dont believe. Most emotional forces take projects that you continue to do because of the “effect vliyania” — so I call a state when something takes too long to stop it.

For example, if youre waiting for the bus an hour it should turn around and walk. On the other hand, youve waited so long that to leave now is insulting, and you continue to stand on. The longer you wait, the harder work “the effect of vliyania”. Similarly, in business. If the project doesnt like it, you need to finish it at the moment of insight, not to keep working by inertia.

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