“Now I Do Degenerates Do Not Call”

The most important interview of the owner of Rambler&Co Alexander Mamut, the TV presenter Vladimir Pozner. Answering the question about the attitude to the Internet, Mamut said he was closer to the position of the Pope, who considers the new technologies a blessing. Attempts hard throttling or blocking access to social networks, he believes passing phenomenon.

If you look slightly beyond the horizon, these reactions are momentary. Will be some restrictions, there are other. But time is changing globally. Each country because of specific situations or some fundamental cultural differences may have something similar to do. But in General, [comes] the era of open, transparent environment.

In 2011, Mamut said in an interview with “Billboard” that “due to the rapid development of the Internet a generation of degenerates,” and so he decided to invest in the book business. Posner it is said that books (including electronic) more important for development than tablets and smartphones, but word about the “degenerates” refused. I spoke too sharply, and his views since changed. I just wanted to say about people who spent days and nights in some games or something.

Now Im sad dont call and I understand that since the Internet became the Internet and when the network, and everyone in the hand [came] a modern computer — of course, this universal connectedness and “connectivity” is a characteristic sign that the information age has come. The owner of Rambler&Co said that he understands happiness as “an interesting life” and receiving the money, he sees a way to achieve this goal. [Money for me] is a way of self-realization, a way to make a project, a way to make their life interesting. They give [this] opportunity.

To make life interesting, Im doing what I wonder. In order to deal with the fact that I wonder a person with my abilities and my ideas about happiness, we need resources. To do this, I make money. Mamut noticed that it is not ready to earn in any projects that he can get.

“Scrap do not want. I now want to do what I wonder. And it is interesting to me is where there is some impact on our socio-cultural space,” he said. In conversation with Posner Mamut lamented the fact that the Russian authorities are not interested in supporting ordinary people.

In his opinion, this leads in particular to the fact that young professionals will consider emigrating. Man, his life, private lives, they are not the number one priority. From my point of view its not quite right. I think the absolute right to human life and to understand that at the present time there is no other resource of the country except the people and their energy. For that, people need to live in comfortable cities, to experience the excitement and enthusiasm.

This is our future — in the creation of a society in which absolute priority will be the development of a person. In April 2017 Mamut has agreed about purchase of investment company A1, the second largest cinema network in Russia, Formula Kino. This gives the owner control over every seventh cinema in the country — he already owns a network of “cinema Park” and “pioneer” cinema in Moscow, and also manages the capitals cinema “Art”.

His desire to pursue film business Mamut explained the love of cinema. The development of the cinema “pioneer”, he called the success story which he wished to distribute to other networks. I like the idea of expanding the repertoire of good cinema that you can show people. You need to have a cinema, private hire, some taste and some experience.

Mamut also stated that it “has never been for quotas” (the allocation of a certain percentage of sessions for any category of films vc.ru). “If I told you before, now do not think so”, he added. Posner recalled that Mamut had previously been a fan of “torpedo” and asked, did not want the entrepreneur to invest in this team and revive it.

I thought so once, but I quickly left. To invest in our football here and now can be either corporations or the very rich. That either side is not a business unlike what is happening in some countries in Europe. Now Im rooting for Chelsea.

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