“Of All The Tales That Infuriates Me The Most”

Elon Musk has debunked the story two years ago about the dismissal of “unnecessary” assistant after he asked for a raise. In 2015, the journalist ashlee Vance published a biography of the head of SpaceX and Tesla Elon musk, in which he mentioned the story of Mary Beth brown — assistant entrepreneur, who has worked on it for 12 years. According to the author, in the beginning of 2014, Musk tried to stand in her place and realized that he could do everything himself.

Brown asked the Mask to substantially increase her salary, says Vance. In response, the owner told her to go on vacation for two weeks to understand how important her work is. When brown returned from vacation, Musk said that he no longer needs the assistant.

He offered brown another position in the company, but she never came back to the office, says Vance. In August 2017 the history remembered by Business Insider. “Example is quite hard, but its a good way to understand how the company needs you”, — stated in the text.

The next day, Musk on his Twitter page said that the text of the Business Insider has hurt him because “of all the stupid tales that really annoys me”. “It makes absolutely no sense. Ashley didnt talk to me about it. Mary Beth over 10 years was a great assistant, but the company has grown and we needed a staff of several specialists instead of one person who is responsible for everything from.

She received an annual salary along with a share in the company in appreciation and went to a small firm,” wrote Musk. While Musk added that the book is Vances “generally correct,” but was released with errors and without proper factchecking, despite the request of the entrepreneur.

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