“Once The TV Was Black And White And Showed Only Three Channel”: Rustlers Made Fun Of The Nostalgia For The Difficulties Of The Past In Advertising Burgers

In advertising Rustlers “80 years of torment” shows the story of a man born in the early XX century. He began working in childhood, at school he was flogged, then he was a pacifist, and in 1980-ies aerobics. All this time he with indifference and melancholy look at the world. In modern times, the hero of the movie is going to eat a Burger and smiles before doing it. According to the advertising slogan, it was his time “to feel alive”.

The video was created by the staff of advertising Agency Droga5. The head of the creative Department of the company David Kolbusz told the publication Adweek, that the original creative team had several ideas to implement. “We kept coming back to the same script that was crappy because of its sentimentality. He showed the life through rose-colored glasses and was accompanied by saundtrekom performed on piano.

We thought it would be fun to show a persons life without inspirational plaque”. Representatives Droga5 explained that usually eat burgers not only young people but their parents, therefore, is designed for two age groups. KOLBUS explained. “We have found a good way to approach the parents and grandparents of the target audience, poking fun at the hardships they had to endure”.

KOLBUS also spoke about the difficulties in the selection of actors playing one man of different ages. “Often missing is the transition from child to teenager, because in this period, people vary greatly. But we were lucky because we found emotionally identical actors. They both had sad eyes and tired eyes, so every shot they took looked funny”.

Print and outdoor is also designed both to young and adult audiences. The posters are reminiscent of the moments of the past that could bring suffering to the people. Advertising shows that in modern times everything is different including with Rustlers burgers.

“You were beaten with rods. Something minor like what you wrote with your left hand, became the reason for the punishment. And both hands were beaten with a rod. Then hands were so ragged that even the touch of the towel seemed like the friction of sandpaper. The pain intensified the humiliation, because you were punished right in front of the whole class.

Now your kids can pick up a Rustlers Burger from the farm ingredients, heated in just 90 seconds”. “You had a pen PAL. This is the man you never saw. Did you send him a postcard every two weeks with a small note that was placed in the field for writing.

When you answered the question. “Whats new?” the answer differed from what you wanted to write initially. The idea is to communicate at a distance would be great, but inevitably there comes a day when friends cant continue to write to each other and go through life on different roads. Modern children can always come together to eat grilled burgers Rustlers. Because they are heated in just 90 seconds”.

“You used public pay phone. This means that you paid money for the luxury to stand in a claustrophobic box, only to speak with someone. It also means that you ran through the snow and slipped her fingers into the dirty hole phone rings. And that was just the tip of the iceberg, because the source could not be at home.

Then you had to catch the coin from the dark abyss which is called the slots return. Today there is only one thing that comes back to modern kids. This is a great taste of Rustlers burgers heated in the microwave in 90 seconds”. “You were playing with a ball and a Cup.

Ball and circle — and nothing more. For generations of children this game was the best entertainment. Had to throw the ball in the air and catch his mug. No other game variations, or gradations in complexity. The ball was impossible to throw further than allowed thread.

It was impossible to play with a friend. No rewards for the result. Modern children are rewarded with a Rustlers burgers heated in the microwave in 90 seconds”.

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