ONDOC — service for health monitoring, integrated with clinics

My name is Alexander Konstantinov, I am 30 years old, live and work in St. Petersburg. I am the founder of the medical service ONDOC — website and mobile app to monitor health. ONDOC is a free electronic medical record.

Service users who attend running clinics, do not take any papers from the doctors office — all the information about the reception comes in their profile ONDOC. In the clinic, there is no additional load on the staff. The doctor adds information about the reception in the usual medical information system. The clinic itself can choose which part of data to be transferred, and ONDOC they come only to those patients who give consent.

The idea for the service arose when my friend urgently needed a second surgery because of complications after the first. The doctors could not spend because there was no information about previous anaesthesia. This is very important, because can occur conflicts.

Friends girls night had to urgently look for the phone number of the first surgeon, and only after that failed to begin treatment. Everything went well, but if the health information would be stored in the app on her phone, this problem would not have arisen at all. We officially launched the project in February 2015. Now the team of 15 people, two guys working remotely from Vietnam and Thailand.

Our office is located in the former bar in the center of St. Petersburg. All information we collect from hospitals, over a secure communication channel are encrypted and stored in depersonalized form. To protect against theft of the account uses two-factor authentication.

ONDOC not only stores data from the doctors office, but also collects information from health apps that transmit data to Apple Health, such as Cardiio or Sleep Better. They are stored on the website and in the Appendix, each indicator of the organism shown in the dynamics. Users of portable smart devices, like fitness bracelets and apps for running, heart rate and weight control, accumulate huge amount of data about their health — but no one knows what to do with all this information.

We help to use data from Apple Health. For example, if the track profile ONDOC dynamics of blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI, it is possible to prevent the risk of dangerous state — “metabolic syndrome”. Today, they often suffer young men 25-30 years. Usually blood pressure problems, overweight, high blood sugar and lipid levels in blood are no more than a deviation from the norm.

But when violations on all four indicators are combined, it becomes a serious problem for the organism and leads to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Free use of electronic medical records and data from Apple Health can help thousands of people to prevent the risk of deadly diseases. Data ONDOC you can make your own, but we want users to be able to get all the recommendations from the clinic automatically, and the attending physician can look at the pressure or cholesterol that has collected ONDOC thanks to integration with smart devices.

To make an appointment to see a doctor, no need to call the clinic or enter the site name and postcode. We did so through ONDOC it was possible in one click to request a call back from the clinic and obtain a reminder that the reception tomorrow.

Basic package of services using more than 150 clinics, 12 clinics integrated, that is, transmit data from the doctor. The number of users — more than 80 thousand. In December, there was different rates for clinics, including free. Paid start from 1500 rubles per month.

For all users free of charge, in addition to digitizing medical documents. Income derived from clinics, we invest in the development of the project. This helps ONDOC to remain free for users. Service gamefile the process of health care and helps hospitals retain customers.

The interaction of clinic and the patient becomes more open. Doctors recommendations are sent to medical records on the iPhone in a convenient format, without illegible handwriting and paper-based surveys. Any person who attends ONDOC connected to the clinic will always be able to recall when and from whom he received treatment. All this helps to improve the quality of medical services in Russia and give everyone a free tool to monitor and maintain the health. Information is available from any device, making the service more convenient.

We are working on several goals. To give users more opportunities to develop telemedicine and to actively grow — connect private clinics and laboratories in Russia and other countries to ONDOC. We strive to check his medical records in ONDO was as easy as to look through the newsfeed on Facebook or to check e-mail.

The service works on the website and mobile app that is available in the AppStore, but the coolest Android developer we are looking for now. For readers vc.ru. From 2 to 7 February those who had registered in ONDOC will get to your internal account 200 rubles, which will pay three digitizing medical documents.

The amount will be credited once your account is activated. Upload photos surveys ONDOC, and after digitizing all the information will appear in your electronic medical record. Returned the floor to the readers.

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