“Online” €? Cashback-service For The Refund For The Remaining Minutes Of The Package Of Telephone Conversations

Today in the category of “Startups” — service “Online”, which prompts the user to return a portion of the unspent amount for per month minutes of conversation. With the collected funds, the customer can purchase a gift from the catalogue. Pass the microphone. My name is Ekaterina Dubovikova, Im 28 years old. More than ten years I work with Internet projects as a project Manager, marketer and editor.

Imagine “Online” — cash back service for phone calls. Working on a project team of three people. Lawyer, Manager and technical specialist. Now the service is available for residents of Moscow and Moscow region, in the most nearest plans — to make the project nationwide. In large cities today practically not to find a person who would not use (deliberately or accidentally) the cashback services, any bonuses, points and other.

And in the field of telephone communications of such services is not, although almost everyone has a mobile. Most cellular networks are connecting the packs with the fixed number of minutes. Part of the minutes not used until the end of the month and burns. Also, in many homes connected to a stationary “home” phones, which almost never use, but dont disconnect out of habit, or perhaps because the phone is tied to the security service of the apartment — and also pay. Why in these situations not to use a cashback — that is, to recover money for services that you do not use?.

So we came up with “Online”. The principle of operation of basic. You can call the regular city number +7(495) 649-31-99 (or click the button on the website zvonionline.ru that will trigger a call) and for every minute “conversation” service will be credited to the account of the user 20 cents. To participate in the system, no registration required, no need to fill out forms, sign documents.

Simply call. If by the end of the month realizes that he has spent 180 minutes out of the package, he dials “Online”, leaves up to three hours, spending the remaining minutes and gets money into your account. The project does not provide real money withdrawal cash amount is impossible, but it is possible to spend by choosing a gift from a wide catalogue on the website. For example, you can save up for the iPhone 7, to purchase gift cards of different denominations in the popular art shops, cosmetics, clothes and so on.

The monetization happens through advertising model. When the user makes cash back-call to the number “Online”, in the background he hears the advertising message. The longer he stays on the line, the larger the refund it receives, and the more advertising messages we broadcast. The most expensive accommodation.

The first message after the start of charging (the first thing the user hears after the welcome service) and the first minute of communication (the main time that a user spends on the line and listening posts). We have also developed a targeting system using the data telephone number. We define a social profile, demographics, geography and interests of the user and therefore, can broadcast advertisements to the target audience of the advertiser. There are no restrictions on the format of telephone and amount of benefits.

To get cashback with mobile phone and any operator and from home, office, work multi-channel and even at corporate cellular connection. You can also connect a conference mode with up to five concurrent connections (conference calls supports every mobile phone), respectively, the amount of cashback can be increased five times. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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