Opinion: Startups need to look for real problems and not coming up with ideas

Recently I visited an event within the business incubator. Talked about trends and technologies. Then there was a training on how to come up with the idea for the business, and in conclusion, practical part. Together in teams, generate ideas, select the best and filled with Lean Canvas and pitch. Well that went.

I tell the girl next. “You write, I crank up the creativity”. I think people need to do are: Chose the idea about charging. Realized that people do not produce enough heat to charge, and proposed to embed into the shoes of a mechanical transducer.

A user walks, the lever is pressed, energy is generated, the charge of a smartphone — always 100%. Considered the target audience, the channels to attract the cost — the economy converges. With the brilliance of propitsil and took first place. But idea generation is not a business.

Creative ideas enhance self-esteem, its fun, interesting and completely useless. Its not even that the idea has already been implemented once, twice, three times. And not that none of those present was not engineering education. And not even the fact that we are not thinking about how to transfer energy wirelessly from the Shoe to a smartphone. No one asked the customer.

And he need, anyway?. In many startup events in the centre of activity — the search for brilliant idea. A talented visionary in the black turtleneck gather in a team, taking lessons of oratorical skill and the idea to investors. In the most advanced developed by MVP and is the first sales. Finally, the jury deliberates — and here it, win.

Friends are going to sort of “unicorn” for parts. After some time, it appears that the product no one wants, and the first sales were made to friends and participant in this same camp. Startups without end pivotally and eventually fall into depression. Investment analysts walk with shame and cant explain why Frank gave money to the trash. The organizers of camps and hackathons, are, in fact, learning from scratch the subject area and the tools to build business.

No need to do so. Smart people came up with the Lean methodology. It States that invented the idea doesnt matter. Moreover, no need to try to sell your brilliant insight to the client. First you need to spend a lot of problem interviews with potential customers.

To listen to them, understand that they hurt as much as they solve the problem now, many are losing or not earning, many people have the same problem. If there is a market and found the solution — it is possible to calculate the economy. You have to earn more than spend. If everything is in order, you need to make MVP, and “M” here is from the Manual and not on Minimum. Next, you should conduct a “resentence” interview to providerbut the price of the product.

If everything is still fine, I need to attract users in different channels and to check the convergence of the economy. Product zapilivaetsya, and the solution is scalable to other regions of the country, the planetoids. Well now you can dismember “the unicorn”. Theoretically, Yes. Virtually no.

The problem is that few startups are able to conduct client interviews. Often they simply do not have access to the right people. The student is unlikely to get an interview from the Director of the Bank. B2B startups whose customers are company, on his proposal the first thing to get the answer. “Send us an offer!”.

Companies want to understand what youre going to sell, didnt want to meet, just to talk. To solve this problem, I advise you not to break “cold” calls her Secretary, and to find people “talk” through a friend, LinkedIn, offer free of charge to feed them during the meeting. Who is to blame — clearly, and do what. I propose to conduct a series of studies on different markets. FINTECH, business, education, retail and so on, and post your results in this format:

Heres what it should be:

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