Patch — Smart Strap For Wristwatches

The idea of creating a Patch I came to the developers after they tried out a smart watch and was disappointed in them. “Im a big fan of hours and decided to try the new product. But after a while I realized that smart watches are not felt on the hand as the real watches. They felt like another technological device,” — says the developer of Patch.

Patch is a band for regular watches, which adds the functionality of “smart” wearable devices. Until the Patch is able to track the number of steps and alert the user about the calls and messages later, the developers plan to add the ability to monitor their sleep. View indicators via the mobile app. The strap can also control some smartphone functions — for example, to take a picture with your phone, you need to shake the hand with the watch.

Battery Patch can withstand up to three months of wear. The team is now raising funds for the project on crowdfunding site Kickstarter and analyzes reviews bekarov to create a list of features that will be included in the final version of the strap. The final cost of the strap in the retail of at least $75.

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