Patetychna Localization For India And Dozens Of Shops In China: A Study Of 10 Of The Most Profitable Mobile Markets For The Game

Game edition DTF column published a recording Studio, All Correct Games, which describes which countries the developers of the most profitable to localize games. The rating is made on the basis of analytical material to the company and public sources. At the beginning of 2017 there have been several reports on the state of the mobile games market in 2016 the company forecasts its growth in the near future.

Based on our own ranking, we took the data company Statista (the average of the most conservative known). It should be noted that for some countries the results of other sources, such as NewZoo, can vary significantly. However, exactly how all these companies got their data remains unknown. Statista provides information on 49 countries.

The revenue of the mobile games market in 2016 amounted to $27 billion. Typically, in such studies unite the country by region (North America, Asia, Europe and so on), and for regions in General expect the revenue of the mobile games market. We examined each country separately. In addition, in its ranking, we tried to consider the costs for entering each market.

We calculated the cost of installing the application from all users and take it away from total revenue in a particular country. So, we obtained data on the profit margin from the market. Notes:

Thus, we get the rating of mobile markets on the attractiveness for the developer, covering 49 countries. To 23 place ranking in revenue and profitability coincide, then there are differences. This occurs if the mobile players in the country is low ARPU and high cost of installation. The ten largest markets generate 50-80% of the proceeds from the sales of mobile games.

To apps have gained popularity in these markets, they are to be localized into 15 languages. For localization in the Chinese use two local letters. And keep in mind the differences between American and British English. Interesting facts about mobile markets in these countries:

The most common localizations of mobile games are encrypted in the acronym EFIGS + CJK. The main language that begins the localization — English, followed by French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. However, it looks like this list its time to reconsider. Game localization into the languages of the ten most promising countries will allow you to expand into other markets (e.g., Mexican Spanish will be understood by part of the US population, a Bengali — born peoples Republic of Bangladesh).

These countries and languages: We hope that our rating of the alternative on the contrary, will help game developers to better navigate in the market situation and earn more money. Useful links: If you want to write the material for the rubric “the Market” tell us about the development of your game or in case of its growth to send the material on [email protected]

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