Patterns is one of the main trends in web design in 2015

“2015 has inherited many of the trends of previous years, and basically all trends are reduced to the evolution of old ideas — such as turning a Flat Design into Material Design. But nothing really revolutionary, such as responsive design,” — says the publication Webdesigner Depot. However, notes the author of the material, some trends can really be called fresh. They solve many problems that previously were difficult to cope.

One of the most common solutions that have been developed in 2015, writes Webdesigner Depot, the patterns (or templates). They help to convey the brands values, to add a “dynamic” interface, and so on. The editors Webdesigner Depot has gathered five methods of using patterns in web design.

The generated pattern is a combination of design and code. Good opportunity for designers to apply mathematical knowledge to the design of the pages, writes Webdesigner Depot. The interface to “react” to mouse movement of the user or other factors. In 2015, this technique began to be used for creating websites of different brands.

The idea consists in using simple shapes to Express vast amounts of data with which to work systems or companies. Most often it is simple graphics, line or other interface elements.

The purpose of using such patterns is to emphasize the “humanity” or “analogously” design. This can be geometric patterns, and images or other design elements. Especially this trend is noticeable in the designs portfolio, writes Webdesigner Depot.

Using SVG allows designers to apply a looped animation in the design of pages, without sacrificing the loading speed of the site is convenient, especially given the growing number of mobile devices, writes the editorial Board.

In fact, the author writes material, patterns have always been an integral part of web design — but in 2015 they have received “new life”. Designers are increasingly using such techniques as “mesh” arrangement of the elements to “spice up” the page.


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