“People Still Spend Millions Of Rubles On Internet Projects, Sites And Shops”

Participants in the it industry about why the designers of the sites will not replace the traditional web development. Co-founder SaaS platform Really Simple Store drew Thomas in his article talked about the fact that the designers of sites in the future can crowd out traditional development of the market. Representatives of the Russian it industry expressed the view, why in the future both will to live and what to do.

Designers fit for a particular purpose. Create “cards” with no extra options (registration of online applications, the feedback — just to meet legal requirements, for example, energy companies), as well as sites, which usually come for a direct link from the owners — for example, to evaluate the work of a wedding photographer. The owner of such a resource may not use the site to find customers. Website for “online presence,” any freelancer can handle in the constructor for 5-10 thousand rubles. In the companies business processes delivered so that the cost of development will be several times higher.

Yes, the site is “modern”, “beautiful”, but the client is simply not necessary. Constructors are not suitable for branding, brand advertising (it is not done on the knee), to complex enterprise systems, websites, integrated. And if the site is created as a source of orders or sales, and professional (Internet marketer) in the state. Designers have several “vulnerabilities”. Design flexibility, maintenance costs, the quality of the code.

The constructor is a good solution when you have no challenges. When you need that the visitor has visited the website, left my email or phone. For more complex purposes it is necessary to order development of widgets (as ready and needed usually not). For example, we had to create a landing page with a personal account, that a visitor could track the order status. Initially we planned to work on the designer Tilda.

But it turned out that to connect a Cabinet to it will be more expensive than if we were doing the site from scratch or imported from Tilda and put them on separate hosting. Usually appeals to designers, small business. He has no extra money, so it cost 750 rubles, or 500 rubles a month is sensitive to pocket. For comparison, 324 ruble is hosting on Linux Reg.ru.

In addition, the designers of the sites are not good for SEO and inferior speed download. This mostly noticeable on mobile devices. Website Builder is a great tool for quick start projects and test hypotheses. Problems arise in the process of support and development of the website. Its source code contains many redundant blocks, classes, inline styles, has a low download speed.

There are also significant difficulties when working with multi-page sites due to the lack of the ability to do recurring insert code. If you change in one place, they will be updated on all pages. I am often asked to transfer a site from designer external hosting, which greatly increases the complexity of adding new and editing existing items. There were cases when it was necessary pereverstyvat website, to simplify it, integrate with CMS. Due to the negative impact of the redundancy code sites that exist on the designer often move in search engines is worse than sites with good clean layout.

This leads to the need to repaginate in such a manner a site from scratch, because SEO is not only filling in the meta tags and H1. It includes a range of activities, including technical optimization and constantly working on the content. All constructors can be divided into two types. Pre-defined (with a pre-created units which can be a bit modified) and from scratch (to create from scratch or from a template). First one is more interesting for business as well as save not only money but also time.

Dont need to do adaptiv, to think about the design. Second in my view is uninteresting. Coder makes a good code about the same speed. Designer code is visible in the distance. It is not easy to make a perfect.

First it was universal, absolute, now heap bootstraps nestings of rows and columns. Code quality define the criteria. The lack of inline-styles; no additional styles in CSS; SEO-friendly, e.g. no inappropriate headings; logical document structure. Businesses often need custom (customized solution). Not all customers understand what problem needs to decide the site (as is often disputes concerning the design, not the business objectives).

Often TK looks like “I Want to like Fedor”. Few designers provide the desired solution in terms of business objectives. For example, you are unlikely to find ready-made service to create the service website delivery. While the time will remain the main resource for the entrepreneur, he will buy it, most professionals have so it would be faster and the result is above. Rare is the entrepreneur himself will poke Tilda; rare employee has a sense of beauty, if not a designer.

For designers I can see only one. To implement the open database BEM (“block, element, modifier”), which can complement any. Would be ideal Builder of the layout, as often developers use similar blocks for different clients and customers want “on the website”. The task of a different order — to make the designer frontside-logic. In this case, it is easier to hire a programmer.

Agency, like web programmers, will remain and will prosper for a long time. And its not that designers are not good enough. Its about the service. In my opinion, are the three main types of development. The first — actually, designers (its quick, easy and inexpensive, it is convenient to start business).

Second — freelancers that make sites on WordPress and designers. They will do simple, but affordable. This is useful for businesses with a small budget. The third Studio full cycle with more than three people, with their techies.

They website will do, and Internet marketing will hold, and the flow of leads will provide. Of course, the latter will be able to make sites on the same Bitriks-WordPress, but with a deeper revision, inclusion in code, split-testing, deep Analytics. In this category there will be other customers. Those who have worked with online advertising and understands that an effective website can only be done by specialists.

They will be looking for companies that can write complex solutions with complex integrations. Definitely, there will be a new branch of development of the industry. For example, rental of sites with configured “Yandex.Direktom”, specialized models for specific topics. I am sure that similar projects will be needed. For 13-14 years I work in this field, she has several times changed the vector of development.

The development has predicted death for both VHS and CD. But people still spend hundreds of thousands, millions of rubles for Internet projects, websites and stores. In the future, and designers, and web development will continue to exist. Traditional agencies with more than enough work for the near future. The designers “in the game” when a site needs to perform limited number of tasks.

And sometimes it is easier, the better. Field of activity development are sites that are created for other purposes: €? When the site is the product. For example, online scheduler interiors, simulator print blindly, website with flash games or something new (for example — “home for a million dollars”, invented by a student from England). It is ruled by an exclusively individual development.

€? When the site needs to boast. For example, if you position yourself as a company offering luxury services, or in the name of the organization is noble words “gas”, “oil” and their ilk. In this case, have the website designer — not with his hands. So even though it has no practical meaning, most likely, the site will be made to order. Website for government organizations.

This category in a separate paragraph, because it is impossible to imagine the government website on a third-party designer in the first place, due to security. The big advantage of web studios can be not only creating websites “turnkey”, and their further comprehensive maintenance, including SEO, design, content, technical support. The customer is much easier to pay for everything, and to require a single contractor to create a website on the constructor, and then to gather experts all over the Internet. Designers will be able to replace a large part of the developing online shops (and even with a heavy load), news and even personal sites, which are important for personification. I think, soon a neural network will learn to better analyze the actions of users or even to rebuild the interface.

The Agency will develop atypical interfaces. For example, for hospitals. There are often complex with multiple functions, the design of which make programmers. Second direction — support customer who made a website for the designer.

These services will become more complex, and to work with them is not easy (but certainly easier than now to make a website). Some users simply will not have time or the desire to engage designers. The third area — design. The Agency will do illustrations, draw icons and stuff. Any “boxed” software aimed at the solution of standard tasks.

The real killer of these services is social. When friends asked me to create them a simple website, I explained that for their needs already have Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. Facebook, Google or Yandex, to some extent, also involved in web development. But their sites are only the tip of the iceberg. “Under water” are complex distributed systems, machine learning and so on.

No the designer will not be able to provide a range of capabilities as Facebook. The latter can satisfy the most demanding users. It does so much more than a few years ago. He is improving, unlike, for example, Livejournal. Of course, if the site is visited by three people and the demands on it are low, cope with it and a simple constructor.

But if the task is non-trivial or require some special work, without loss of man-hours not enough. Not to mention, for example, about optimizing sites for Yandex. Their algorithms is a scientific work.

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