“Periodicals” — Mobile Application For Printing Pictures, Cards And Photo Books

My name is Varya Vedeneeva, I am 27 years old. Ten years I devoted to photography, fashion, marketing and project management. The last five of which I spent in the company of Trends Brands as a creative Director and co-founder of photo-production, which specialises in photographing products for online stores. A year ago I got acquainted with a venture Fund Impulse VC.

I got an offer to do a project on the intersection of photography and ecommerce mobile apps — and agreed. How can you refuse again and again to pass stage startups, when every day you feel grostenquin Keanu. In may 2015 we have initiated the development application, at the end of September — to test. The launch took place in December in the best traditions of Lean startups.

We have collected the MVP with a simple line of products, studied user behavior within the application, their wishes, and decided to eliminate the roughness in the next version. An important trend in the products — to think for the user and give him a ready-made solution is a smart choice. I baffled a rich variety of backgrounds, fonts, types of cover, paper and other appearance options in the print services. We went from reverse.

Our main task was to make the product with calibrated sizes, paper and templates that the user has only to frame photos and to wait for the courier. “Periodicals” is a mobile application, a digital object, but we are quite tangible promise. Our product is about tactile sensation, the nostalgia, the “lamp”.

We print photo books, cards and pictures, so carefully approached the development of a product and first impressions of the user. The layout of the products was done by the designer of the magazine. Images printed on paper, which is pleasant to hold in hands. Currently developing packaging.

The team work remotely five people who are coping with their tasks. All processes — design, printing, logistics, part of the promotion we gave away to the side. Print “mobile photos” — the next step “to photograph and share with the world”, which, judging by the growth rate of Instagram in Russia, many came. Were kind of pioneers in the Russian market, so the “Periodicals” in his promotion strategy is based on raising the point, and explains why printing photos and how to use them for gifts and decor.

“Periodicals” is addressed to a specific audience. They are innovators, people who before others catch the trends. They are loyal to the new services and products, it is important to try them first and share feedback with your readers. With such people, we are now trying to cooperate.

Were heading for audience growth through the educational component and the mention of “Periodicals” on the target platforms. The peak of development of the project is scheduled in one to two years. At this point, we will rebuild all the internal processes and technically implement their ideas.

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