Personal Experience: What To Expect From Participation In Technology Exhibitions In Russia, USA And Europe

CEO email SendPulse Konstantin Makarov on how to measure the effectiveness of participation in the events. In Russia and Ukraine we try to participate in all important activities related to the industry of Internet marketing. The main task that we solve in this way — to communicate with current customers and gathering feedback.

In our industry to attract new customers through exhibitions and other events is inappropriate — on the territory of the former USSR the average check per customer service email newsletters small. At the same time, the cost of participation in the exhibition can be very high, so the payback period of such an event can be very large — if the costs generally will be able to “recapture”.

In Europe the situation is very different, economy, event marketing there really add up — in our case pays for itself most of the exhibitions in which we participate. For example, in November last year we participated in two exhibitions in new York, was also at Slush in Helsinki and at the WebSummit in Lisbon. All European exhibitions has paid off fairly quickly.

With the United States the situation is more complicated — we have not yet learned to recoup part in the events. Its hard to do, given the high rates, but also participation in the events in this country, we need not for profit here and now. Main goal — understanding the specifics of the local market, where we recently actively developed.

The American market is very important to us, but to work it hard, be it events. Conferences and exhibitions in the United States have their own specifics and are quite different from that found in Europe or Russia. One of the main points — a terrible formalization down to the last detail, especially those famous major exhibitions.

The participants are constrained by different rules and conditions, a space for improvisation and creative virtually nonexistent. Thanks to various hidden fees that can reach thousands of dollars. For example, we encountered situations when the rent of the carpet to stand had to pay $300, and a video panel worth $1000.

If it was not forbidden to bring your own equipment and the necessary design elements, but for their placement on the stand must use the services of accredited loader that cost $200 per hour. In Europe, this is much easier, and in Russia this problem is absent as a class, and the participants much more freedom.

Sounds amazing, but its a fact often participate in the exhibition or conference in Russia may cost even more than in Europe or the United States. We attribute this to a small number of standing events and, consequently, low competition between them.

In the end part, for example, with a stand on the Reef (which is about Internet business in General) is more expensive than in Chicago at IRCE — thematic exhibition for us. The base price of the IRCE — $6 thousand for the booth 3*3 square meters. If to take into account some hidden costs, add on costs for hotels and travel, in General, participation in the conference for our team cost about $10 thousand.

The REEF RIW, or the same stand will start from 300 thousand rubles, taking into account all the associated costs. The cost of travel to the event will be even more than $10 thousand. It is not completely appropriate to our theme event, you also need to remember that in Russia customers in our industry is not always as big as abroad, so the Russian exhibition pay off worse.

Our experience suggests that effectively and quickly you can earn through participation in exhibitions and events in Europe. For example, only one involved at WebSummit in Lisbon customers to date paid us $35 thousand, he has several times paid for our entire trip there. A draw we managed, and other clients. Also to participate in the Finnish Slush we had no single customer from Finland, and now they appeared.

We cant prove a direct link between participation in this event and getting new customers, but the fact remains — no other activity in this country do not and have never been, clients began to appear just after the participation in the conference. To associate the fact of participation in the event and the presence or absence of growth of sales after the. However, this is still possible — for this purpose, simple methods for tracking, like discount coupons to visitors to the stand, the activation of which with further shopping allows you to evaluate sales generated at the conference.

There is also an approach in which data from the collected business cards are entered into CRM, and then starts the sales process — its effectiveness is assessed and impact of the event.

In General, only a small proportion of companies participating in exhibitions solely for the sake of sales — as a rule, startups who want to attract first users. A significant part of the b2c and inexpensive b2b products present at the events to collect feedback from users, obtaining contacts with journalists. Similarly, our main goal for events — communicate with current and potential customers, so we think less about tracking of sales growth that is happening or not happening immediately after each show.

Good work contests. We often hold giveaways like tablets on our stand always attracts attention. This approach has disadvantage — often accumulates a large number of youth and students, who are not the target audience of our service.

But it can be exploited, for example, to participate in the contest to demand to post a photo on his page in social networks mentioning a brand page — so you can attract new subscribers to the group and to increase the total coverage of the audience, among which may be more wealthy people.

Possible to exchange business cards. Common practice on international conferences — the participants on their stands offer some not very expensive but memorable things in exchange for a business card of the visitor. Ideal — something that can be given to children, a subject will often catch the eye.

Popular usual fridge magnets. Another example from our practice. Somehow the neighbors on the stand at the exhibition in the United States in exchange for business cards handing out these bills, $2 (rare even in America), each of which was a seal with company name. This souvenir nobody throws, and remember it well.

Beautiful girls. Everything is standard — beautiful girls like visitors. However, this should not be abused and to draw models that cant answer even the most basic questions about the product — its all terribly annoying.

Before participating in a conference or trade show you need to determine in advance the objectives of the trip. They can be different and depend on many factors, here are some examples of such purposes.

To assess the success of achieving the goals you want to gather data. Information for analysis will differ depending on the purpose. For example, with respect to the above tasks, you can use the following data.

Blog EventGeek well painted example of such an evaluation. Suppose you wanted to attract the first users of a new product for developers, in beta stage. To achieve this goal, you have decided to participate in overseas it conference, which became the sponsor of the lunch for developers — instead you were given the opportunity to open his two-minute speech with a story about the product. In addition, you had a booth with sales staff in the lobby of the event.

After the exhibition it turned out that the system created 65 developers. Participation in the conference cost of $9235, including sponsorship package, organization of the stand, as well as the cost of the trip. It turns out that the involvement of each user was worth $142,07. Good or bad, will depend on the Economics of the specific project and costs of obtaining leads through other channels.

In our case the important metric is revenue growth after participating in the event. Therefore, we estimate the amount of money that we brought in users attracted by the event. The second important criterion is collecting feedback from current and potential customers, as it helps to understand what is important to users in a specific country or region.

Mentioned in the article examples of fully successful from a financial point of view were trips to WebSummit and Slush, and the American conference did not solve the problem of increasing revenue and from this point of view was bad. However, we successfully achieved the second goal had a large amount of feedback, which is important to us in connection with an active exit on the North American market. But the main indicator for us is the revenue, so our goal is to learn to recoup and activities in the United States.

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