Photo: Elon Musk Summed Up The Second Competition Of Capsules For The Hyperloop High Speed Transport

The winners pushed the prototype to 324 kilometers per hour. Aerospace company SpaceX has conducted the second phase of the competition Hyperloop Pod Competition dedicated to testing scale models of passenger capsules for the Hyperloop transport system. In the competition, 25 teams have tested their developments on the track with a length of 1.25 km.

First place went to the team of WARR from the technical University of Munich, who managed to disperse his capsule with a mass of about 80 kg to 324 kph (201 mph). The success of the team said the head of SpaceX and one of the founders of the concept of the Hyperloop system Elon Musk, congratulating them with the victory on Twitter.

Hyperloop pod run by team WARR Prototype WARR entirely made of carbon fiber, which allowed to reduce its weight and to reach high speeds in a vacuum, writes TechCrunch.

The other two finalists are faced with some technical difficulties, the publication. The team Paradigm from northeastern University and Memorial University of Newfoundland had problems with sealing, as a result, their prototype has a top speed of 101 kilometers per hour. In this Paradigm the only one of the participants used the “air bearings” described by Musks concept Hyperloop.

Swissloop team from the Swiss higher technical school of Zurich used a jet engine, but at the start she had problems with communication. During the race their prototype clocked only up to 40 kilometers per hour. The next competition Hyperloop Pod Competition will be held in 2018.

According to the Mask, there are all prerequisites in order to disperse the capsules Hyperloop 500-600 mph (800-965 kilometers per hour). In August 2017, one of the leading developers of the system to project the Mask Hyperloop One capsule dispersed his train up to 310 kilometers per hour.

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