Photo gallery: Eldar Murtazin works in the bee costume in the office “Beeline”

In may 2015, Murtazin suggested that in September Slobodin will leave the post of the General Director of “Beeline”, because the results of his work are not satisfied with the companys shareholders. In response, the head company has made a bet — if he stays to work for up to 8 October, Murtazin goes to work in “Beeline” in the bee costume. Later Slobodin on his page in Facebook made a poll in which asked to choose the most suitable costume. The second option won.

Edition he gathered the photos of the work process Murtazina and Slobodin. Bees ready to fly))) @myslobodin Finest hour

Together with slobodnim and Murtazina in the bee costume came Vice-President of sales and service “Beeline” Sergey Rumyantsev. According to Murtazina, 13:55 he sold the iPhone 6s 16 GB (grey), and VIP-tariff “Everything”.


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