Photo Gallery: Halloween In The Office “Yandex”, “Classmates”, Yota, Pixonic And Other

In “Yandex” centrally Halloween was not celebrated, but some departments celebrating themselves. In the Moscow office of the company on some floors decorated the reception Desk and turned “sinister” music and the St. Petersburg division of the employees could help themselves to themed sweets. The office of mobile operator Yota holiday is celebrated every year. In 2016, told the companys representatives, the office was decorated with faux spider webs, bats and pumpkins are real, and the employees could try their hand at carving a pumpkin at lunchtime.

The celebration of Halloween took place in St. Petersburg and Riga offices social network “Classmates”. The room was decorated with symbols of the holiday. Spider webs, images of witches and bats.

Halloween was celebrated at the Moscow office of service rental dresses Dress Up. Employees of the project went to work in the theme images decorate the room dark spider webs and baked sweets for the holiday. In the office Pixonic game Studio threw a party for Halloween. Employees could try “scary” treats, take pictures in costumes, to create an image from a professional makeup.

“The Halloween atmosphere is already felt in the morning — bats, pumpkins, darkness. To party started right with monthly presentations, and then there was a little treshovy dinner with the severed heads, brains and other paraphernalia”. Prazdnovali Halloween and recruiting Agency Spice Recruitment.

In the Novosibirsk office 2GIS on one of the floors worked “ghostly Department of experimental research”. “His staff worked on a vaccine against the virus that can destroy humanity. Shortly after the start of the experiment, the employees did not get in touch. And all that was left of the secret Department is a laboratory with mysterious locations.

Only every few years, a couple of days before Halloween, on October 28, you can be inside the Laboratory, where mysteriously disappeared exhausted, scientists, and experience the mystical anomaly”, — said the representatives of the company. Employees could try holiday treats, participate in competitions, as well as to decorate your own jobs and offices in the Halloween spirit. The staff of the service for the ordering of cleaning Qlean came into office in festive masks.

“We tried to style our office under Silent Hill. Employees were surrounded by pumpkins, everywhere was scattered cobwebs, the ceiling was floating bats and ghosts, and tombstones, and bloody details of the interior add to the horror. Friday night all the evil spirits gathered at the party, the staff waited quest and treats in the form of severed fingers, eyeballs of the dead and bloody alcoholic Jell-o”, — said the representative of the service to travellers OneTwoTrip.

Service command by order of Busfor bus travel launched for employees in Moscow “the secret flight” stylized “bus Busfor Ghost” from bar lab cocktails Coctail LAB, music and dressed as vampires actors.

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